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10 Classic Super Heros With Day Jobs

SUPERHEROES IN THE WORK FORCE After unforeseen circumstances, (that we are not at liberty to discuss) our favorite heroes must put their powers to new uses and find normal jobs! Don't worry, the fate of your consumer needs are in good hands.we think. One of the most brilliant minds in technology has landed himself a job as manager-well.assistant e Tony manager, to Best Buy's very own Geek Squad! From piloting the invisible plane to serving drinks and checking luggage, Princess Diana, or better known as Wonder Woman, has found herself as a flight attendant for middle class. MONDAY After years of creating rain and thunder, Storm has brought her knowledge of TUESDAY WEDNESDAY clouds, heatwaves, and hurricanes to the 5 o'clock local news. TOSSED HAND The fastest man alive can deliver your FLASH PIZZA pizza in 0.00000000001 seconds, or it's free. Garlic knots included! IGHTNING FAST OVEN TO DOOR IN RECORD TIME America's boyscout is now saying, "hello" and "how do you do" from the retail side of the work force. As the new Wal-mart greeter, everyone is Welcome to "O Walmart charmed by his old school debonaire and his love for talking about, "the good ole' days." 15 Look up in the sky! It's a couch, it's a fridge NO . it's "SUPERMAN MOVING SERVICE". ... Watch out, this man of steel can carry your entire five bedroom apartment in one hand, and not even break a sweat. THE GUESSING GAME He can guess your weight, age, date of birth, and social security number. Some call him psychic, but we like to think Professor X is just extremely lucky. WITH PROFESSOR X • WEIGHT, AGE, DATE OF BIRTH, AND... SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER Wolverine has found his true passion, cooking. But considering his particular skill set, working the hibachi grill only makes sense. f Superhero, super detective, and now super employee for the NSA! Batman will find out all of your secrets from the comfort of his batca-l mean office. ANGER MANAGMENT WITH BRUCE BANNER After taking some time to reflect on a recent anger outburst, Bruce Banner, (aka the Hulk) has decided to help others control their anger! HUEMOR LET'S MAKE SOMETHING GREAT! 631-393-6116 1855 New Highway Farmingdale, New York 11735 AGEN TIONAL

10 Classic Super Heros With Day Jobs

shared by JeffAtHuemor on Jul 25
Ever wonder what would happen if super hero's just weren't all that super? This info graphic is a creative take on just that.








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