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‘The Hobbit’ & Secrets of Smaug the Dragon: Is Benedict Cumberbatch the Most Wicked Character in the Upcoming Film?

HOBBIT THE THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG SEGRETS OF SMAUG THE DRAGON FIND OUT why he's the BIGGEST, deadLiest, MOST MalevolENT... ANd RichesT crEature iIN PaRt The hobBIT TWO OF HE'S A GIANT AMONG GIANTS, HUGE AS FIVE TROLLS He dwarfs (pUN INTENDED) TROLLS, BALROGS & shelOB He's easily ONE OF middle earth's BIGGEST creatures 17 BILBO BAGGINSES 10 THORINS SMAUG BALROGS DRAGON FIRE CAN MELT RINGS OF POWER Except the One Ring. With one fiery spew, Smaug can melt all 13 dwarves and their weapons. HIS TEETH ARE SWORDS AND HIS CLAWS ARE SPEARS Smaug's slashing power equals that of a party of dwarves or elves armed to the hilt. HIS TAIL LIKE A THUNDERBOLT, HIS WINGS LIKE A HURRICANE Smaug's whipping tail is many times stronger than the other infamous whiplash in Tolkien's world: the Balrog's. Deldat F s pp HIS ARMOR ĮMPENETRABLE AND LAVISH, TOO He's covered in iron scales and a layer of hard gemstones encrusted on his soft underbelly after centuries of lying on the treasure hoard. How STRONG IS A DRAGON'S SCALE? As strong as the mithril shirt that saved Frodo from a powerful spear thrust in The Lord of the Rings. HIS CUNNING, PERHAPS, HIS MOST POTENT javiczhyWEAPONG Smaug is exceptionally smart: Encyclopedic knowledge of each piece in his treasure hoard Sharp deduction, allowing him to assume Bilbo came from Laketown with dwarves Crafty persuasion, putting doubts in Bilbo's mind not to trust the dwarves SMAUG DOESN'T DIE UNLESS KILLED He was centuries old when he attacked Erebor, which occurred 150 years before the events in The Hobbit. Like the elves, he will live forever unless he is slain. HIs TREASURE NOT A MOUND BUT A MOUNTAIN OF WEALTH His $62B NET WOrth is JUST BEHIND BILL GATES Barbes Forbes in 2013 haracters No. 1 in 2013 15 richest fictional characters Forbes Smaug is #1 in Forbes' 2013 15 richest fictional characters. WHAT'S IN THE TREASURE HOARD Gold, silver, diamonds, elf gems, pearls, & mithril, a precious silvery strong metal beloved by dwarves Gemstones in Smaug's underbelly Girion's emerald necklace The Arkenstone, "the heart of the mountain," heirloom of Thorin's folk, and cherished by Thorin above all Highly fashioned armor like the mithril shirt, silver mail coat, and diamond-encrusted helmet HE'S SMUG, THE SUM OF MIDDLE FARTH'S SCUM SmauG Is ALLL thiNgS bad ROLled IN oNE Balrogs' wrath Balrogs would fire up in rage. Smaug would fire up whole kingdoms. Dwarves' vengeance Like dwarves, Smaug was easy to anger. The slightest suspicion sent Smaug burning down Laketown, thinking Men had sent the dwarven party. Men's greed Men's greed had kept the One Ring intact. Smaug's greed had kept all Erebor's and Dale's treasure to him. Sauron's superiority complex Smaug shared Sauron's idea that all other Middle Earth creatures were below him. Saruman's condescending air Like Saruman, Smaug thought little of his enemy that led to his down fall. Mouth of Sauron's sarcasm The filthy creature mocked Aragorn and his small army by the Black Gates, much like how Smaug disparaged the logic of 13 dwarves out to destroy him. SHOWCASE OF SMAUG'S FURY 16:04 28: 16 1888 Benedict Cumberbatch said he's not the voice of Smaug. He is Smaug! He also did the action and facial expressions for the dragon. 1/250 E F2.8 MA ONE DRAGON TO BRING THEM DOWN SACKING OF EREBOR, DALE, LAKETOWN Unlike his ancestor, Glaurung, the Father of Dragons, who fought with an orc army to destroy Gondolin, Nargothrond, and Eithel Ivrin, Smaug single-handedly destroyed kingdoms and towns of Dwarves and Men. SMAUG'S MAJOR KILLS GIRION, JORD OF DALE DALE'S WARRIORS & FOLKS EREBOR'S DWARVES LAKETOWN FOLKS A GOLDEN CUP OF I BEOWULF INFLUENCE A renowned Beowulf expert, Tolkien admitted being inspired by the epic tale. Smaug's rampage after discovering Bilbo had stolen a golden cup was similar to a dragon's fury in Beowulf after discovering a man had stolen a golden cup. BUT DRAGONS OUGHT TO BE SCARED OF MEN MEN WERE the only race to have killed DRAGONS. Glaurung was killed by Turin Turambar Ancalagon was slain by Earendil Scatha was killed by Fram Smaug...? WAS THERE A MORE MALEVOLENT MOVIE CHARACTER IN 2013? Khan? Kaju? KING JoFFrey? GENERAL Zod? WALTER white? References: 1) 6) 2) 3) 7) 8) 9) 4) 5) Designed for: by: Ruby Media CORPORATION E 東

‘The Hobbit’ & Secrets of Smaug the Dragon: Is Benedict Cumberbatch the Most Wicked Character in the Upcoming Film?

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0 comments has this cool treat for movie goers and Hobbit fans! Come December 13 all Middle Earth is set for a fiery encounter, or at least 13 dwarves, a hobbit and a wizard are.


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