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Is Your Bachelor’s Degree Worth It?

IS YOUR BACHELOR'S DEGREE WORTH IT College costs have risen 1,120% since 1978. 1,120%. TODAY 0% 1978 YOU PAY MORE TO GO TO COLLEGE 2.9% increase in tution fees each year on average according to college board (0.9% after adjusting for inflation). $6,500/ YEAR $2,300 / YEAR 1970 2013 YOU EARN LESS UPON GRADUATION Between 2001 and 2013, the average wage of workers with a bachelor's degreee declined 10.3%. $ $ $$$$ $ $$$ AVERAGE WAGE IN 2001 $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ AVERAGE WAGE IN 2013 INCONSISTENT RETURN ON INVESTMENT The rate of return for a bachelor's degree has been around 14% to 15% since 2000. $ $ $$*$$ $$$$ WHAT YOU INVEST $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ WHAT YOU GET RATE OF RETURN IS DIFFERENT FOR DIFFERENT MAJORS 25%. 20% 15%. 10%. 5%. 21/. 18%. 18% 17/. 15% 15%. 147. 14% 12%. 11/. 11/. 9%. ENGINEERING MATHS & HEALTH BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS SOCIAL SCIENCES ARCHITECTURE LIBERAL AGRICULTURE HOSPITALITY EDUCATION COMPUTERS SCIENCES ARTS THE TRADE-OFF the fate of workers without a college degree is deteriorating faster than for Bachelor's degree holders. Researchers say WHAT HIGH SCHOOL GRADS EARN 75%. MORE WHAT BACHELOR DEGREE HOLDERS EARN Bachelor's degree holders earn roughly 75% more than high school grads. They earn roughly $800k more in their career than high school grads. SO, THE STUDENTS MUST CHOOSE EARN... PAY... OR $41$ LESS MONEY OVER A LIFETIME AND GREATER THE PRICE OF COLLEGE, POSSIBLY INCLUDING STUDENT LOANS LIKELIHOOD OF UNEMPLOYMENT RISK OF UNDEREMPLOYMENT 1/3 of bachelors degree holders spend a large portion of their career in jobs that don't require a degree. 1/3 THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES OUT THERE... BOOTCAMPS U U UU UUU U UUU UUU ... .... Bootcamps turn people into developers in 3 months. ..... ONLINE COURSES Online courses are a cheaper alternative with a longer learning curve. Plus, Online training allows students to continue working a day job and earning WWW money. SELF LEARNING TRENDING SKILLS %24 Self education in trending skills = ROI INVESTMENT RETURN JOB SPECIFIC TRAINING Job-specific training translates directly to work. EDUCATION AND ROI At the end of the day, choosing your education path comes down to return on investment. CONSIDER THE OPTIONS UNIVERSITY MODEL Vs BOOTCAMP MODEL %2$ COST >> $20,000 - $200,000 $10,000 $20,000 • TIME 4 YEARS 10 WEEKS >> $1.1 MILLION MORE, $2.5 MILLION MORE, RETURN OVER A LIFETIME OVER A LIFETIME SELECT CONCULSION While a bachelor's degree is still a viable option for some fields of study, bootcamps, online study and other alternative routes are proving very profitable for students. S skilledup WWW.SKILLEDUP.COM SOURCES http://www.dailyrecordcom/story/life/2014/04/21/debt-and-destiny-are-bachelors-degrees-worth-the-debt/8243463/ http://www.newyorkfedorg/research/current_issues/ci20-3pdf 3.

Is Your Bachelor’s Degree Worth It?

shared by eshagoyal24 on Feb 18
This infographic by Skilled up really questions if the bachelor's degree is worth our investment...




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