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Work, Life, and School Balance

WITHIN REACH: FINDING WORK LIKE BALANCE WHERE'S THE TIME BETWEEN? CAREER & AMBITION, HEALTH & PLEASURE, EDUCATION & PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND FRIENDS & FAMILY? 3.9 MILLION.of undergraduates are also parents 3% feel burned out by their jobs EMPLOYEES Full-time students should work 12 - 15 HOURS WEEK TO BALANCE school, work and wellness. 27% e 42% 81% FEEL USED UP FEEL EMOTIONALLY DRAINED FROM OF U.S. EMPLOYEES AT THE END OF CHECK WORK EMAILS THEIR WORK THE WORK DAY OUTSIDE OF WORK 50% SAY WORK INTERFERES 55% PEEK AT WORK WITH LIFE RESPONSIBILITIES IN BOXES AFTER 11 PM AT LEAST 2-3 X WEEK 40% OF WOMEN HAVE DELAYED HAVING CHILDREN TIPS TO HELP FIND MORE BALANCE... HAVE DESIGNATED "TECH-FREE" TIME EACH WEEK SUSAN WOJCICKI - CEO, YOUTUBE implements a no-email rule from 6-9PM at the Wojcicki household Don't get caught in a monotonous routine. STRESS IS INEVITABLE! Embrace it and remember why you're doing it. Be organized EXERCISE REGULARLY TO BOOST CONFIDENCE AND REDUCE STRESS MARK CUBAN - BUSINESSMAN, INVESTOR, AND OWNER OF THE NBAS DALLAS MAVERICKS, works out with his wife every Saturday morning. Don't just make plans with friends, commit to them! LEARN TO SAY “NO!" - Proving your worth is key SUSAN WOJCICKI - SPEND YOUR VACATION DAYS, don't waste them takes 1 week-long vacation every 4 months Get Sleep! Create a quiet, dedicated study area Seek out companies flexible with your schedule PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY Your "News Feed" can wait real life conversation is your #1 status Schedule study time around family activities MARK ZUCKERBERG - CEO FACEBOOK takes the time to learn how to cook and studies the Mandarin language Stay sharp with hobbies THE CHANGING LANDSCAPE OF WORK-LIFE TO WORK-LIFE BALANCE INTEGRATION THE NEXT GENERATION WORKFORCE WANTS MORE BALANCE, NOT TO WORK LESS 86 MIL 71% 88% Millennials will be in the workplace by 2020 OF THE NEXT GENERATION PREFER A COLLABORATIVE =40% of the WORKFORCE SAY WORK WORK-CULTURE RATHER DEMANDS INTERFERE working population WITH THEIR PERSONAL LIVES THAN A COMPETITIVE ONE 30 MILLION AMERICANS work from home at least once each week Which will increase by in the next five years 63% Companies that practice integration become more • INNOVATIVE · EFFICIENT • SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS Resulting in the ability think clearer and have happier lifes. BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Want more information on achieving work-life balance in your day-to-day? Download the Brandman University eBook and find your balance. NZ BRANDMAN N University CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY SYSTEM http://www.antrepreneurcom/orticle/23 nap/7iherooncom post/T86SI548V10-success-principles-from-mork-cubon-that-mode mark-zuckerberg-and-priscilo-chan-h 237616 hettp// ocation-2013-4 http// Bellevue University consumer study. The Institute for Women's Policy study of the American worlforce conducted by the Families and Work Institute WHAT THE WHAT THE

Work, Life, and School Balance

shared by StaceySD on Jul 30
How you can create a happy medium between work life and personal life so you have ample time for your studies.


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