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Words Not to Live By

WORDS NOT TO LIVE BY In just one school semester, more than 2.6 million instances of inappropriate words and images were discovered and blocked in student email, text messages, discussion boards, email attachments and computer files, leading to thousands of warnings sent to district administrators and law enforcement. 292,845 mentions Almost one-third of all 31% blocked words were discovered on weekends. 112,106 mentions 54,492 mentions 41,096 mentions There's also no vacation from these potentially harmful student situations with even more mentions of suicide, self-harm and sex during schools' winter breaks. In fact, Sex Suicide Alcohol Drugs there's a surprising correlation between snow days and sending sexually explicit messages, photos or videos using mobile devices, often referred to as “sexting." Frequent mentions Nearly one out of every four high school teenagers 22% has been involved in some BEER DRUNK WEED WANT TO DIE HORNY KILL MYSELF ORGASM form of sexting. 28,011 26,481 20,705 2,311 2,304 1,801 1,188 Adding Digital Citizenship to Your Curriculum Help your students become better digital citizens in an effort to keep technology as a positive force in their lives. Here are four reasons why digital citizenship belongs in your school's curriculum. #1 #2 #3 #4 Digital footprints don't go away easily. Multitasking is interfering with attention spans. Every action has a reaction. The world we live in. Technology isn't going away. Incorporating digital citizenship can help students pace themselves with new technologies as they expand their horizons organically. While students continue to become immersed in emerging technologies Students don't always make the connection that the choices they make Digital citizenship practices can help students understand how and when to introduced in and outside of the classroom, digital citizenship lessons can help them understand better decision making. today could impact their future. It's becoming more difficult to erase records of behaviors. Help students set boundaries for online behavior. resist the urge to juggle a variety of tasks while checking every social media platform. Minds are malleable when they're young, so it's the perfect time to promote good habits. What is the Human Monitoring Service? The Human Monitoring Service (HMS) from Gaggle removes the need for educators to review questionable communications so that they can Detects issues early, alerting school district officials at any hour if a threat is imminent, Allows administrators and law enforcement to review concentrate on classroom instruction. Contacts local law enforcement Reports all child pornography incidents and any sexually suggestive messages related to potential exploitation of children. if the situation is dangerous HMS greatly improves the safety and security of students, both online and in the real world, by having a trained and all school district communications that could allowing educators and parents to intervene positively. contacts are unreachable. threaten student health, team monitor student content 24/7. safety or well-being. Ggaggle SAFE, ONLINE TEACHING & LEARNING O @Gaggle_K12 Source:

Words Not to Live By

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In just one school semester, more than 2.6 million instances of inappropriate words and images were discovered and blocked in student online communication tools leading warneings sent to disctrict adm...




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