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Why Writing is Better Than Sex

10 Reasons Why Writing is Better Than Sex Here's why: Miting Sex XXX 1. Writing can convey a gamut of emotions 1. Pleasure and shame - that's about it 2. An editor can help you 2. Your performance is squarely up to you 3. You need a partner, or else it's rather undignified 3. Writing is a solitary pursuit 4. You can earn your crust from it (although can doesn't mean will) 4. Unless you're a prostitute, you won't earn a dollar 5. As Hemingway said, we probably write better drunk 5. Intoxication never elevates performance, and can be downright disastrous to it 6. Writing can be edited and improved 7. You can be witty and make people laugh 6. Sex can't be revised post hoc 8. The final product provides everlasting satisfaction 7. Comedy should be used judiciously Miting VS. 8. The satisfaction, if achieved, is fleeting 9. Humans are the only species who can write SEX 9. Even mosquitos have sex 10. Criticism is the worst thing that a writer need contend with 10. STD, unwanted pregnancy - we could go on GLOBALEnglishEditing

Why Writing is Better Than Sex

shared by ghostand1811 on Jul 09
The question of whether writing or sex is the superior pastime has divided humans since writing was first invented. Finally, the debate is over. Here are 10 definitive reasons why writing is indeed be...


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