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Why Homeschool?

THE FACE OF HOMESCHOOLING IS CHANGING. THERE'S LESS CONFIDENCE THAN EVER BEFORE IN TRADITIONAL EDUCATIONAL METHODS IN THE U.S. WHY HOMESCHOOL? Who are homeschoolers? Average academic percentile of a homeschool student V77th Total Number of Homeschoolers in the US: 1,508,000 Average reading percentile of a homeschool student V79th Average SAT score of a homeschool student National Average SAT score 1083 Average math percentile of a homeschool student V73rd under 1000 Average ACT score of a homeschool student 22.6 National average ACT Score 21.1 Why do people homeschool? Top Reasons for Home Schooling (Multiple Answer Survey) 48.9% PLANE 38.4 % Desire to provide religious or moral instruction 25.6 % Dissatisfaction with academic instructions at public schools 16.8 % Family reasons 15.1 % To develop character and morality 12.1 % Object to what school teaches 11.6 % School doesn't challenge child "Can give child a better education at home" Public schools are on the decline. 57% Common Core State Standard implementation in over 40 states has cause for concern. Standardized test cores are of American students dropping in states that have adopted the Ccs. are not academically prepared for college Public schools are spending less and less on arts and musical education. Federal funding is down 6% from 2011 and is continuing to decline. In 2012 more than half of state governments decreased funding for music and art education. (O America is Nearly 1/3 of American students are bullied daily in public and private schools. ranked near the Bullying victims are between 2 and 9 times more likely to consider suicide. Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death of young people in the USA. bottom of first world nations for education... Yet we spend the most per student: ŠIX times more than the next 75%: of home educated students say they were glad to be homeschooled! closest nation in spending, Japan. We are ranked 24th in the world for literacy. Homeeducated children are more likely, over the course of their life, to get a college degree, vote and participate in government, be satisfied with their job, and twice as likely to be "very happy overall." 24th Sources Bridgeway ACADEMY Customizing Education. Unlocking Potential. Call to learn more! 800.863.1474 •

Why Homeschool?

shared by BridgewayAcademy on Jan 31
Here are some facts that may help you decide whether or not you want to homeschool your child.


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