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Why do we notarize a document? T- A notary public is a government official who takes an oath to perform the duties of the office and required to post a $10,000 dollar bond with the secretary of the state. The primary duty of the notary public is to bear a disinterested party witness to the signing of documents between two or more parties. Identification & Verification The Notary public has to verify the persons present for the signatures are in actuality the required people by checking a valid ID. Identification of the signer The identification of the signed must be checked by cross verifying it with an ID card & also confirming the correct person as per the document. Rechecking the documents Notarization of document The notary public has to verify the documents are legal, and have no illegal clause mentioned in it. Journal entry A journal is made by the notary public stating the type of the notary jurat or acknowledgment, type of the document, the date & the time of the notarization. Notarial Certificate A notarial certificate is provided by the notary public to certify the notary act. Places where notaries are available Financial Institution Business Online Notary Remote online notary systems are secure as they have a security key provided. The signatories can sign the documents from any place as long as they have access to internet. A bank or a financial institution will have a Notary in Business is when one of the staff is notary department where notarization is available. However, there are more stringent requirements. a notary public. It allows the business to notarize documents without having to travel to any other place. Requirements for a Notary Age Residency Background To ba notary public the applicant must have completed 18 years of Age. Notary license is provided by the state hence the notary Most states conduct a background check to provide a notary license. A applicant can themselves chose to run public must be the resident of the state and not have any a background check incase they have commited a felony or misdemeanor. criminal record. The primary duty of the notary public is to bear witness to signing of documents with verification of the signatories. There is scope of Notary fraud where in the notary public refrain from performing their duty due diligently. GETLEGAL' .com VISIT Www.GETLEGAL.COM FOR MORE TIPS.


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Notarized documents are the documents that are made legal being certified by a notary. Thus notary is a public official who is responsible for the legalization of any document. A notary is appointed b...



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