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Why College My Be A Horrible Investment Of Time And Money

Shocking Facts About Student Debt And The Great College Education Scam Test Score Breakthrough Test Success Systems As you read this there are over 18 million students enrolled at the nearly 5,000 colleges and universities currently in operation across the United States. Many of these institutions of higher learning are now charging $20,000 $30,00 0 or even $40,000 a year for tuition and fees. That does not even count living expenses. Today it is 400% more expensive to go to college in the United States than it was just 30 years ago. In the United States today, 317,000 Americans now owe Since 1982, the cost of medical care in the more than United States has $875 billion in göne up over 200% student loans, which is more than the total amount that Americans owe on but that is nothing compared to the cost of college tuition which has gone up by more than 400%. waiters and waitresses have their credit cards. college degrees. There are about two million recent college graduates that are currently unemployed P. EFF 24.5 percent of all retail sales persons have a college degree. 365,000 cashiers in the United States have a college degrees. 18000 parking lot attendants have a college degree. Approximately two-thirds of all college students graduate with student loans 206,000 Americans graduate from college with more than $40,000 in increasing at a rate of student loan debt each Student loan debt in the Over 40% of Americans claim they've delayed buying a home due to United States is now approximately $2,853.88 crushing student loan year. per second. debt. In 1992, there were 5.1 million "unemployed" college graduates in the United States. In 2012 - 2013, there were 12.3 million “unemployed" college graduates in the United States. REFERENCES CREATED BY Test Score Breakthrough Test Success Systems | 曲 田 曲 曲 曲曲 曲 田 曲曲

Why College My Be A Horrible Investment Of Time And Money

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The cost of a college education has gone up 400% in recent years as number of entry level jobs and salaries have declined dramatically, This has created crushing student debt for millions of Americans...


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