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Who Are The Greatest Mathematicians Of All Times?

THE GREATEST MATHEMATICIANS OF ALL TIME Created by Isaac Newton Euclid Englah physicat and mathematican who is widely regarded as one of the Eucld was a Greek mathemetician, who is frequently cited as the Yather of Geometry." His work "Eements most infuental sclentists of all tme and as a key figure in the scentifie is one of the most infuental works in the history of mathematics, and described the principles of Euidean geometry. revolution. His book Philosophia Naturalis Principia Muthematica, fest publahed in 1687, laid the founda Bons for most of classical mechanics Newton also made seminal contribu bons to optics and shares credit for the invention of the ittsimal Archimedes Aechimedes in universaly acknowedged to be the greatest of ancient mathema- ticians. He used the method of exhaus calculus. tion to calculate the area under the arc of a parabola with the summation of an infinite series, and gave a remarkably accurate approximation of p. Pythogoras who is sometimes called the "First hilosopher," shuded under Ana mander, Egystians and Babylonare became the most inuential of early Greek mathematicians. He is cred- Gauss wan known as the rince of ited with being firt to ue adoms and deductive prools and his infe ence on Mato and Eucid Mathematicians" He contributed in many ways to math and scence. Some of hes notable inentions senormous Include a device called the helotrope and the fest ekectric takegraph. He also dacoered the orbit of the asteroid Ceres. Lagrange He made signiticant contributions to al fekds of analy, number theory and both cassical and celestal echanics. Offered the most compre hensve treatment of dlassical me chanics since Newon and formed a basis for the deekopment of mathematical physics in the ninetoenth century René Déscartes has been dubbed "The Father of Moderm Philosophy. and much sub sequent Western philosophy is a response to his writings. But Pierre de Fermat Descartes's infuence in mathematics made notable contributons to aralyt grometry probability, and optics. He is best known for Fermat's Last Theorem, which he described in a note at the margin of a copy of DiophantusAithmetica. He aso is gven credit for early developments that led to infinitesimal calculun, including his technique oftadequality s equaly apparent He is credited as the father of analytcal geometry, the bridge between algebra and geom- etry crucial to the discovery ofinfe tesimal calculun and analyss Ae, the Cartesian coordinate system- alowing algebraic equations to be epressed as geometric shapes in a two-dimensonal coordinate system Leibniz German mathemutician and phioso pher. He ocupes a prominent place In thehtory of mathemats and was the first to desoribe a pinwheel was named after him. caloulator, also invented the Leibni wheel, used in the arthmometer, the first mass produced mechanical caloulator. He also refined the birary number system, which is at the founda tion of vitually al digital computers

Who Are The Greatest Mathematicians Of All Times?

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Discover the greatest mathematicians of all times and name those who deserves to be included in this list. Math is fun with!


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