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The whizzpopping world of Roald Dahl

The Wliggoping World of Roald Dahl Born in 1916 Inspiration for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Moves to Repton School 1929 Roald Dahl The factory being local, Cadbury would send round a box of 12 Chocolate bars to Roald Dahl's school now and then for testing.. Quaker Oats Wouka Bar Briish Candy Wouka Bar Wbako Baruita Choaoliti Uhiorfall Bar Soumdidlymptious Chocolato Bar Domed Dark Chocolate Bar Natty Cruadh Surprise Wouke Foatabulous Fudgo Wouke Exploder Woukolate 12 Whiping Sounptious Fudgomallow Deligit .Coincidentally, in the years since the release of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 12 varieties of Wonkabar have been released by Quaker Oats, British Candy & Nestlé. First published work, A piece of Cake 1942 Writes original Gremlins 1943 At adult height, Roald Dahl was a WHOPPING 6 feet 5 3/4 inches. That's almost 2 metres tall! Roald Dahl compared the giant peach to a small house (average 8m to ridge). Thats 4x Roald Dahls Peach 8m Roald Dahl described 501 seagulls lifting the giant peach. However, physics students at the University of Leicester calculated it would actually take 2.5 million seagulls to lift the peach. Small 2m House 1- Play James and the Giant Peach 1961 2- Adult Fiction Books 3- Childrens Poetry Books Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 1964 6- Film Scripts 9- Non Fiction Books The Magic Finger 1966 17- Childrens Stories 19 - Short Story Colleetions for adults 161 - Short Stories Fantastic Mr Fox 1970 199 - Total written works Film: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 1971 Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator 1972 Danny Champion of the World 1975 The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar 1977 Book to Movie 7 children's stories turned into movies Children's Films 17 children's stories Children's Books The Enormous Crocodile 1978 Fictional Languages 283 words Gobblefunk Originally contained around 300 words Sindarin - Elvish Language 1000 words Navi - Avatar 2995 words & growing Klingon - Star Trek Shyriiwook - Wookie Language Precise number of roars unknown but over 150 words for the term 'wood' The Twits 1980 George's Marvellous Medicine 1981 The BFG 1982 3 books published after his passing.. Revolting Rhymes 1983 The Witches 1983 The Vicar of Nibbleswicke The Minpins Boy (autobiography) 1984 My Year The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me 1985 Going Solo 1986 Matilda 1988 Rhyme Stew 1989 Film: The BFG 1989 Film: The Witches 1990 2013 Esio Trot 1990 Since 1990, 37 million copies sold in the UK 2029 By 2029 there will be 1 book for EVERY person in the UK Current book sales would fill 19,227 glass elevators! That's approximately 100 million book Sales - 5,201 books per elevator Film: James and the Giant Peach 1996 Film: Matilda 1996 The Vicar of Nibbleswicke 1991 The Minipins 1991 My Year 1993 Roald Dahl Language Facts Gobblefunk Invented 1 language Swedish Swahili Spoke 4 languages Norwegian English Books translated into at least 34 languages BBC The Big Read Survey 2003.4 Novels of 100 voted the most loved novels in the UK Film: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2005 UK charity Booktrust inaugurate the Roald Dahl Funny Prize 2008 Film: Fantastic Mr Fox 2009 Roald Dahl Day September 13th Every Year Matilda West End debut 24th November 2011 Rald Dahl The Twits 100 Rld Da Fastertie Ale Fex The Witshee 66 Jantefiut pah Matilda 68 Royal Mail issue 6 stamps featuring Quentin Blake's illustrations of main characters 2012 The Willa Wouka Mowie Wouk Off Gue Wilder Johuny Dop Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory Vs Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Production Costs 9099 1971 - $2.9million 0000000O 2005 - $150,000,000 Box Office 9900 1971 - $4 million 9000000O 2005 - $474.97million Film Sales %24 James and the Giant Peach $37,734,758 (budget - $38 million) Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) $4 million (budget - $2.9 million Fantastic Mr Fox $61,405,356 Matilda (budget - $36 million) $46,471,023 (budget - $40 million) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory West End debut 25th June 2013 An amazing total of 927,403.1 litres of fake chocolate was produced for the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie in 2005. 145,474.96 litres for the waterfall. 781,927.83 litres for the river. CHARL CHOCOLATE FACTORY West End Shows In recent years, West End shows have surfaced, giving new life to Roald Dahl's works in a way like never before The number of cast members below are rather staggering. The New musicat the stage! Charlie and the Matilda Chocolate Factory 33 44 Over 50 million book sales All time book sales 45 Million 44 Million Book Sales Book Sales 30 Million Book Sales 5.1 Million Book Sales James and the The Very Hungry Harry Potter and Caterpillar Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Giant Peach The Deathly Hallows Charlotte's Web The Continus. Sources: booka "This infographic is not endorsed by, nor represents the Dahl estate in any way Chocolate focolata Clocolate ocolate

The whizzpopping world of Roald Dahl

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Check out the whizzpopping world of Roald Dahl; follow the life and career of this legendary storyteller.


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