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What you Didn't Know About Online Colleges and Moms

WHAT YOU DIDN’I KNOW ABOUT Online CollegesMoms and TOP S REASONS Moms online HOW MANY TOP 5 REASONS choose to go to college Moms go to online schools? #1 Scheduling #2 Lower overall cost #3 Choice of classes #4 Individual attention #5 No Preparation time 600,000 L 400,000 of these women are working moms part-time or full-time Moms and their Kids COLLEGE TOP 5 REASONS Moms school go back to Overall stats show that women with college educations tend to raise their children with the expectation of a college degree in the child's future. Statistics also show that degreed mothers tend to provide better #1 Higher Income #2 Personal growth #3 Employment or #4 Professional opportunities #5 Insurance policy #6 Availability educational environments for their children during their early years, ages 1-5 years. TOP 3 FEATURES in an online college that Moms Moms HOW MAN Y get financial aid for college? should look for 80% of mothers attending college receive financial aid Accreditation Online colleges are generally accredited by one of two national accrediting agencies. Many online colleges have degree programs which are also accredited by one of the seven regional accreditation councils. in the form of grants Graduation rate scholarships loans or special discounts Some online colleges fail to support students throughout their college career as evidenced by high drop-out rates. While some students will not continue with school for a There are Federal grants and loans which are specifically targeted to single moms and working moms. Some online colleges offer working and non-working moms scholarships and grants just for them and have special admissions counselors who can locate and enroll institution-specific programs. variety of reasons, a high ratio of students to dropouts is never a good thing. Employment after graduation A quality online institution will have no reservation about providing employment data for a particular degree program or college of study. moms in these special, Less than a high school diploma $21,251/yr THE POTENTIAL_VALUE of an education for Moms A high school diploma or GED $31,286/yr Some college experience, but no degree $33,009/yr Associate's degree $39,746/yr Bachelor's degree $57,181/yr Master's degree $70,186/yr Doctorate degree $95,565/yr Professional degree $120,978/yr PERCENT DISTRIBUTION OF WOMEN 1970 2010 in civilian laborfource by eductaional attainment 6.8% 11.2% Less than a high school diploma ● A high school diploma or GED • Some college or Associate's degree Bachelor's degree 10.9% 33.5% 36.4% 26.4% 44.3% CLASSES CAREERS 30.3%

What you Didn't Know About Online Colleges and Moms

shared by ClassesandCareers on Oct 21
Everything you need to know about moms in school! This infographic gives statistics on the number of moms who go to school, and the potential earning value of those degrees.


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