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What kind of learner are you?

WHAT KIND OF LEARNER ARE YOU? 297,000 people took our quiz on to answer “What type of learner are you?" As you can see, there are various types of learners, proving that you can learn however works best for you. SOLITARY You're a solitary, or intrapersonal, learner. You can tackle any problem, 36% as long as everyone else leaves you the heck alone. People are great, but completely distracting. And study groups? Nooope. Please, just let you do your thing. LOGICAL 24% You're a logical, or mathematical, learner. Learning anything and A>B everything in this world is simple enough – it's just a matter of time and effort. Unless it's irrational, and - then what the heck are you supposed to do about it?! SOCIAL You're a social, or interpcrsonal, lcarner. Study groups are your jam and spending a night holed up in the library is basically your worst nightmare. When you're working through a concept, you tend to 13% talk out loud about it to anyone who will listen... even if that person is yourself! AURAL You're an aural, or auditory, learner. People always say you've got a freakishly good memory, but your only crime is to listen. Record your 8% notes and listen to them over and over until you've got them down pat, or invent a mnemonic to help things stick. PHYSICAL You're a physical, or kincsthetic, lcarner. 8% Also known as a "do-er," you're good with your hands. In fact, you need them to understand things. Who wants to read about gravity when you could be dropping something off a building? OTHER Examples: You're a verbal, or linguistic, learner. Writing things down is the best way for you to memorize information. Take good notes and 11% reread them later, or just use those stellar critical reading skills to digest all your assignments. You're a visual, or spatial, learner. Charts and graphs have always been the best way for you to absorb information. Invest in a whiteboard because when you're trying to learn, drawing a picture will help things stick. SO, WHICH TYPE OF LEARNER ARE YOU? No matter what type you are, online courses Whatever your reason, online courses at at Ashford University help working adults Ashford University allow you to learn of all learning types earn a degree to potentially anytime, anywhere. advance their career, pursue a new career, or finish what they started years earlier. Read our blog to learn more about the quiz results. Ashford UNIVERSITY

What kind of learner are you?

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What kind of learner are you? Infographic for Ashford University blog




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