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What is Happify?

happify" TM Start Living the Life You Deserve WHAT IS HAPPIFY? Your Personal Happiness Trainer Happify was built by a team of Scientists & Game designers HAPPY who believe that: Emotional Technology can be used to help people live happier, more well-being is a crucial part of a Everyone deserves greater happiness fulfilling lives healthy lifestyle SCIENCE OF |HAPPINESS Happify's activities are based on over a decade's worth of research by psychologists and neuroscientists from top universities around the world. We collaborate with institutions like the University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University, and the VIA Institute on Character. Created by a team of leading scientists, our activities and games help you build 5 essential skills for well-being: Savor Thank Aspire Give Empathize It's brain training for your emotional health! You can choose from dozens of tracks geared towards your life situation and goals. As you progress in your track, you'll also build your five S.T.A.G.E happiness skills. TRACK EXAMPLES Get Energized Conquer Negative Thoughts Be More Socially Connected About Your Job Cope Better Build Self- many with Stress Confidence more! We'll recommend daily activities that deliver the best results for you based on your goals. Play science-based Do self-reflection games activities Perform real-world Take quizzes and tasks and report on polls how they went Every activity is one click away from the research study it's based on! Happify is a self-discovery toolkit, and every activity is rooted in the science of happiness. HAPPIFY CAN BE CUSTOMIZED TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS Complete tracks and activities on Share your activity posts with the Happify OR community for encouragement & feedback your own THE MORE YOU PUT INTO IT, THE MORE YOU'LL GET OUT OF IT 86% of people who use Happify regularly feel better about their lives after 2 months. People who use Happify once every 2 to 3 days increase their happiness score up to 3 times more than those who visit the site less frequently. Happify empowers you to take charge of how you feel on a daily basis: Change your outlook surrounding negative Take time to reflect on the things that matter most to you events Discover what happiness really is to you Feel more grateful on a daily basis Feel more motivated and excited about Reduce stress your future WAIT! WHAT'S SO GREAT ABOUT HAPPINESS, ANYWAY? Research shows that happy people: AB Have better Help others and volunteer more Live longer relationships Are more Have better Are more productive immunity successful REMEMBER When you're happy, your friends and family get happier, too. Happiness is a skill - one that anyone can get better at, no matter where you are today. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT HAPPIFY "Life is more rewarding today. My burdens are lighter. I have more energy to live life, more energy to share." -Sally S., Portland, OR "I feel I see things with fresh eyes. I handle stress better, and l'm better at picking up on the good in my life." -Suzy R., London "Happify has given me perspective on what has the biggest impact on my happiness." -Pierre E., Durham, NC abc NEW "I gave it a shot for 5 weeks... it works!" -Mara Schiavocampo, ABC World News FOX "I absolutely love it. It's a cool and convenient way to keep your focus on being happy." -Laura Evans, FOX 5 happify GET STARTED AT

What is Happify?

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Builds skills for a happier life with fun, science-based activities and game


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