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Wearable Technology in the Classroom

wideo Wearable Technology o in the classroom Google Glass, smart watches and productivity wristbands will all have an impact on the world of teaching and learning and the rapid adoption of technology in the classroom. So how can wearable technology be implemented in the classroom? While smartphones, tablets, and laptops are becoming increasingly more common in the classroom, the next big wave of innovation will be the growth of wearable technology for educational purposes. "Wearable technology will be a common staple in the classroom in 4-5 years." 2013 New Media Consortium Horizon Report Google Glass VRG virtual Reality Headgear Voice command operated wearable computer with an optical head-mount shaped as glasses. VRGS or VR glasses take entertainment and learning to the next level providing a realistic 3D augmented experience. Smart Watches iPods Computerized wristwatches that can run mobile apps and even complete mobile operating systems. Portable media players capable of storing and playing digital media like audio tracks, images and videos. Productivity Wristbands GoPro Wireless wristbands that measure data like number of steps walked, sleep quality and other personal metrics. High-definition personal cameras that can be worn or mounted in unusual places. Here are a few scenarios: O Google Glass VRG 3 iPods • Capture video during class • Virtual Classroom • Listen to podcasts and iTunes • Use facial recognition to record attendance • Interact with virtual peers • Create audible tutorials • Learn a new language • Record lectures • Store audio books and more! • Students can ask questions discretely via Google Glass • Virtual World Education • Document creation with • Foreign Language Learning photos and video • Record lectures to view later 4 Smart Watches GoPro 6 Wristbands • "LIVE FROM THE FIELD" • Use in Physical Education • Send messages to teachers during class sessions • Evaluate personal behaviour • Keep track of student's fitness • Use as a remote or alarm for reminders • Provide feedback of progress • Send alerts to students about class changes • Use for exploration, research & experimentation or assignments • Use Digital Badges • Repeated content delivery "13 million wearable tech devices were shipped in 2013 and expected to increase to 170 million by 2018" Juniper Research Sources CNN / Mashable / // // // // // // // // V • Infographic created by

Wearable Technology in the Classroom

shared by MrWideo on May 14
How wearable technology may feature in schools over the coming years.




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