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A Visual Celebration of Chinese Radicals

gotCharacters Chinese made to stick A Radical View Together Chinese radical characters paint a vivid picture of life in ancient China. ( 女 ( ア woman morning sun (2) ( 子 spirits 1 () 鼓 corpse mother wind rain drum flute tripod sacrificial wine death (evil) father (A 月 Ceremonies child タ son 西 brush clan (K) west d moon (month) illness dusk ト ) 文 elder k old Nature (grow; long) á 自 fire to divine script (language) birth, life chief; head seal 臣 2) Society minister scholar big small ( エ ) king person 1 servant 贝 work ( カ ) 白 metal jade frog turtle wine vessel earth shell steam mortar door (Л water 7 table (how many; several) Fishing power, force river boat fish cliff (factory) mountain lid basket Agriculture pestle (dry) gate (door) 网 dipper ( 瓦 ice net Food Home cauldron sprout grass valley tile ヒ jar 豆 dish millet 木 田 ( 麻 beans ladle grain hemp shelter (wide) tree fields bamboo 11 roof plow wheat branch wall *¥) (1) leek food village (In) city rice melon cloth bolt of cloth enclosure wide half piece of trunk insect wood cave tall ム Clothing meat embroidery intersection (travel) strands of silk (tiny) (5) clothes dog * cocoon silk mouse (private) pig dragon 内 第 ) ( 牛 ) tiger snout 4 rump tanned leather hide Animals cow/oxen head fang feathers long hair hair bird see ( 毛 fly ( 香 sound fur, wool F) sheep E bone fragrant eye bird horn nose ear deer claw beard salty horse 甘 ) 石 speech say teeth tongue sweet mouth 色 ( 青 halberd fight O stone spear yawn (lack) 面 bitter cart (car) color Weapons/ Tools face (flour) 自 Body blue-green club bow white Color 刀 thumb (inch) two hands self 又 ) ( 手 ) to shoot bow and arrow arrow 心 yellow black knife ахе right hand (again) hand body skin heart blood Numbers red lame to reach. 立 ( 走 +) arrive toe (stop) foot legs/two feet stand step stride go on foot walk one two eight ten Notes: 188 of the 214 Kangxi radicals are shown here; I (king), a variant of (jade), is also shown. + 24 radicals have different forms ("variants"), each of which appears next to its meaning. • The original meaning is shown directly below the character, with its present day meaning (if parentheses. Please see for an interactive version of "A Radical View." Copyright © 2014 All Rights Reserved. v2 Any copy, reproduction, transmission, or other form of sharing, either of the method, form, approach or material as well as other unique characteristics contained here, without the express written consent of, is prohibited. different) ( 里 ( ロ )

A Visual Celebration of Chinese Radicals

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Featuring 188 of the 214 Kangxi radicals, this chart paints a vivid picture of life in Ancient China. These all-important Chinese characters are color-coded by theme (like Nature, Society, Animals)...


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