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The Vanilla Beans Story - Infographic Vanilla Origins and Species

The Vanilla Beans Story The Totonacs, are credited as the earliest growers of vanilla but the oldest reports of vanilla usage come from the pre-Columbian Maya. The Maya used vanilla PreColumbian in a beverage made with cacao and other spices. The Aztecs followed suit, adding vanilla to chocolatl. The Spanish conquest of the Aztecs in 1519 brought the fragrant flower-and its companion, cacao-to Europe. May C Indonesia This is the country where we plant our Vanilla beans - sustainably, fair and delicious. Indonesia is the second largest Vanilla producer. The country produces 3400 Metric Ton. Tahiti Is located in French Polynesia, its Vanilla beans is rare and cross- marriage from different types of Vanilla orchid plants. The country produces only 60 Metric Madagascar Ton. The world first largest Vanilla producer. Vanilla orchid first brought from Mexico to the island of Reunion (Bourbon), Madagascar. The country produces only 3500 Metric Ton. Papua New Guinea Is located in the southern most region of Indonesia. New Guinea is home to the third largest rainforest in the world (lets keep it that way) .The country produces only 400 Metric Ton. З Турes 3 Grades Three major species of Vanilla; GRADE A - 15 cm and longer, V. planifolia - Madagascar; V. tahitensis - South Pacific; & V. pompona - West Indies, Central 30-35% moisture GRADE B - 10-15 cm, 15-25% moisture America, & South America. GRADE C - 10 cm / cuttings Source:

The Vanilla Beans Story - Infographic Vanilla Origins and Species

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The Vanilla bean story, their use, and cultivation, goes back long before modern civilization--at least as far back as the Mayans and maybe before. These beans survived under different conquests and r...






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