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USER model

Immersion Program:Teaching with Technology Understand Based upon the book by Char Booth: Reflective Teaching, Effective Learning: Instructional Literacy for Library Educators. Chicago: American Library Association, 2011. ... 4 elements of instruction Instructional Scenario set the a succge for leaning Learner Context Content Educator environment Characterize ... is about a positive/goal oriented view of an instructional scenario Confront about a realistic anticipation of what might occur in the negative and strategizing a best outcome attributes Learner prerequisite knowledge Analysis learning preference motivation Characterize What ways can you find this information out? what's in it for them? User Research Strategies (Booth 106) Focus groups observation Institutional reports Talking with the faculty Previous teaching experience benchmarking authentic task pre-assignment MOTIVATION employment- good grades- famlly expectations: relates directly to percelved beneflt attributes Learner prerequisite knowledge learning preference motivation Analysis Confront Barriers to learning No previous experience Lack of knowledge Physically far away from librarians Professor has designed a vague assignment Best Outcome Fixes novlce/expert palrs- assignments that teach baslc skllls- offer vlrtual contact for follow up- durlng class ask professor to clarlfy assignment or work together to revlse before ACTIVITY TIME!!! Learner Preference What kind of learner are you? What motivates you? What is your learning preference? You Tube Reading Writing reading notetaking Kinesthetic Visual Auditory hands- on Active Learning infographics film lecture reading aloud Char's Core "People have styles and prefrences around learning, which requires rsponding with differentiated instruction. Idea: te the Cat Context 白 -What do I know about the instructional environment, and how can it be shaped to create a positive learning experience? Online only Faculty Support Old School Тech Time Confront REEL- Shaping the learning environment Talk learning centered assessment- centered troubleshooting contingency planning classroom design What type of çontent should be included to address the core learning need? Knowledge What do you want them to be able to do? Skills What wlll help them achleve that learning? Attitudes How do vou want to Influence learner Confront Examlne content from the learner perspective Selecting the correct theory to Introduce content Content Matching online learning to theory. Transformative Situated learning Connectivism Connectivism is the integration of principles explored by chaos, network, complexity and self-organization theories Transformative Learning is a theory of deep learning that goes beyond just content knowled ge acquisition, or learning equations, memorizing tax codes or learning historical facts and data. Situated learning us ually involves engaging in tasks which parallel real world applications. Lave, 1991 Siemans, 2004 Mezirow, 1991 Commonalities are based on community of practice, active participation in learning, meaningful applications, deep learning Educator Who are you as a teacher? Do you have all the skills/tools needed to deliver the content in a way you want? Teachlng preference Don't be a badass What is the best way for you to deliver the content in a particular learning environment? ThinkIng out of the box Self audlt of skllls Bulld reusable learnina oblects Onllne only Large lecture What expectatlons are there Any others you can thlnk of? Credits: created with 2013. By Tiffini Travis Piktochart make information beautiful

USER model

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Presentation about Understand portion of the USER model of instruction design. This USER model was developed by Char Booth and is featured in her book "Reflective teaching, effective learning : instru...


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