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Useful Tips on How to Survive Freshman Year

Freshmen Tips Once your parents leave you all alone in college, you realize that you know nothing about this life. Below, you'll find some tips that are crucial for first-year students. Some of them will help you to survive, others to build foundation for your future career. yeap! it's you. -- --- Don't panic! Keep calm and read our tips! first step SÅ‚udying 100% attendance ...-- antivirus Always attend classes. It will positively influence your GPA. Protect your computer against viruses. Hire a tutor to deepen your knowledge. Study somewhere else besides your room so that no one bothers you. Take online quizzes before test to be aware of your knowledge gaps. Be open to all courses. Try as many diverse courses as you can to know your tastes better. OPEN due date Find out when you can register for classes ASAP because the Make copies of all your files and keep them on other sources be- sides your laptop. ....O. amount of places is limited. Connect with your school's career center so that they are aware of you. Let's smile and continue readingl second step Contacts Spend more time in campus residence halls instead of Try out as many clubs as you can. You don't know yet what you'd Like most, so try various hobbies. sitting alone in your apartments. Build up relationships with recruiters on career fairs. Take a speech class to boost your ability to deliver speeches. Find mentors among Avoid eating alone to build up AIO relationships with your peers. senior students. Don't be afraid to ask obvious 2 things. Many people want to help you. f in Find more data about your professors to know how to behave at their classes. third step Surviving Save up to 20% of your Explore your campus thoroughly. credit card balance. Buy a scale and use an app to track your weight. Get a bike. It'll make the campus so much smaller. Find out what time of the day is the most productive for you. Buy products once a week. This strategy will help you to save money. Establish laundry day. Wearing clean clothes will keep you more organized. Don't let the mess spread so that it won't get you distracted from studying. Buy ear plugs and a sleeping mask so that nobody bothers you while you're sleeping. Enjoy your first year in college! .com ESSAYTIGERS Sources: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. new-students/10-tips-for-1st-year-college-students 8. 9. 10. 11 12.

Useful Tips on How to Survive Freshman Year

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Leaving home for college is usually stressful for students, especially for those who are immensely attached to their parents. Most students develop their abilities to resist stress while living in cam...




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