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University of Drugs and Alcohol

UNIVERSITY OF DRUGS & ALCOHOL College is an exciting time for many reasons It's a time of growth, intellectual discovery and new experiences. 150% of those college students, some of those new experiences include experimenting with drugs and alcohol The Usual Suspects Drugs commonly abused by college students Prescription Medications Over-the- Alcohol Marijuana Counter Drugs Cocaine Heroin Ecstasy College students with a co-occurring more likely to abuse prescription drugs 2x mental disorder College students who abuse stimulants: 90% 3x are binge drinkers are more likely to use marijuana 8х 5x are more likely to use COcaine are more likely to abuse prescription painkillers 50% of college students admit to binge drinking or using drugs at least once a month. PARTY! The Drug of Choice 1 2 3 The most abused substance on college campuses across America is alcohol. That's a startling fact considering about of the college 75% campus 4 in 5 population is underage. college students drink alcohol. To relax To relieve stress In an attempt to fit in To lower inhibitions To reduce anxiety or depression Peer pressure To party or havefun Reasons college students drink Negative Consequences All college students experience the effects of college drinking - whether they drink or not. Death 1,825 RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP college students between the ages of 18 and 24 die each year from alcohol-related unintentional injuries RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP Assault Sexual Abuse Injury More than More than Approximately 690,000 97,000 599,000 college students are college students are victims of alcohol-related sexual assault or date rape. college students receive assaulted by another student unintentional injuries while who has been drinking. under the influence of alcohol. Academic Problems Health Problems of college students report 25% 150,000 college students develop an academic consequences of their drinking including alcohol-related health problem and between missing class, falling behind, doing poorly on 1.2 and 1.5 percent of students indicate that exams or papers, and receiving lower grades they tried to commit suicide within the past overall. year due to drinking or drug use. Make a Difference Don't let you or a loved one become another statistic! Take control and seek help today. Speak with friends & family Speak with your doctor Find a treatment facility BROUGHT TO YOU BY SOURCES | | THE RANCΗ The Ranch at Dove Tree works in collaboration with Texas Tech at University's Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery. DOVE TREE Our Collegiate Recovery Program at The Ranch at Dove Tree is a residential level of care for emerging adults ages 18-25 with substance use issues that may be combined with a dual diagnosis (associated mental or behavioral health issue). TM JOIN THE FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL US TODAY AT 800-218-6727 P in CONVERSATION: Detoxification | Residential | Intensive Outpatient | Transitional Living

University of Drugs and Alcohol

shared by RanchatDoveTree on Jun 28
University students in this country are continually exposed to, given the opportunity to try and often even encouraged to use drugs. Whether it's to study for that big test or to celebrate afterword, ...




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