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Understanding Disorders of the Brain’s Hemispheres

UNDERSTANDING DISORDERS OF THE BRAIN'S HEMISPHERES LEFT RIGHT HEMISPHERE HEMISPHERE Associated with: Associated with: • Analytical • Receiving • Interpreting • Big-picture auditory input thinking thinking auditory input • Logic • Language • Creativity • Intuition • Organization • Word reading • Comprehension • Empathy • Self-esteem • Math calculations • Imagination • Problem solving • Attention • Curious and • Cautious and • Interpreting to detail Impulsive actions safe actions information • Processing • Unconscious • Non-verbal information actions processing • Social skills Associated Associated difficulties difficulties may involve: may involve: • Difficulty • Difficulty • Problems with • Issues with understanding expressing visual memory understanding language oneself emotions Inability to • Faulty logic • Trouble with • Lack of spatial control reactions facial recognition awareness • Difficulty putting • Problems with • Lack of flexibility • Difficulty with things in order verbal memory visual learning • Low self-esteem and • Struggles with • Creative lack of confidence comprehension difficulties and problem solving Left brain disorders are often labeled as: Right brain disorders are often labeled as: • Dyslexia • Reading • Asperger's • Tourette's syndrome syndrome disorder • Pervasive • Obsessive • Processing • Learning developmental compulsive disorder disability disorder (PDD) disorder (OCD) • Depression • Anxiety • Oppositional • Conduct defiant disorder disorder • Auditory • Language (ODD) processing disorder disorder • ADHD • ADD • Bipolar disorder • Autism • Nonverbal learning disability (NLD) INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY Sources: between-the-right-brain-and-left-brain.html Brain Balance ACHIEVEHENT CENTERS /NervousSystem/BrainHemispheres.htm Disconnected Kids: The Groundbreaking Brain Balance Program for Children with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Other Neurological Disorder, Dr. Robert Melillo

Understanding Disorders of the Brain’s Hemispheres

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The left hemisphere is associated with logic, organization, and processing information. The right hemisphere is associated with creativity, empathy, and interpreting information. Discover which disord...


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