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The Ultimate Guide To Welding Careers

WELDING CAREER PATHS THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO A CAREER IN WELDING WHAT IS WELDING? Welding is the most common way of permanently joining metal parts into one unit. By applying heat to melt and fuse metal pieces together to form a permanent bond, the strength of a proper weld has found uses in a wide range of industries from automobile manufacturing to shipbuild- ing, and even aerospace. WHAT DOES A WELDER DO? 2000 4000 Weld (or join) metal parts, fill Studying blueprints, sketches, or specifications Calculating dimensions holes, indentions, or seams of to be welded metal products using hand-held metal joining equipment Inspecting structures or materials to be welded Maintain equipment and machinery WHY WELD? Compared to riveting or bolting, welded structures tend to be + STRONGER + LIGHTER-WEIGHT + CHEAPER TO PRODUCE. TRAINING AND EVALUATION NOT REQUIRING A COLLEGE DEGREE, WELDING CERTIFICATION TRAINING can be obtained in as quickly as 7 MONTHS. Most jobs require passing a HANDS-ON WELDING TEST and placement is JUDGED BY SKILL LEVEL WHERE DO WELDERS WORK? Statistics from May 2013 50,860 WELDING, SOLDERING, AND BRAZING MACHINE SETTERS, OPERATORS, AND TENDERS in the U.S. 61% 11% 5% 5% MANUFACTURING CONSTRUCTION WHOLESALE TRADE OTHER SERVICES ТЕХAS followed by tops the five states 2. CALIFORNIA 4. LOUISIANA with the MOST JOBS 3. PENNSYLVANIA 5. ILLINOIS However, WYOMING boasts the HIGHEST CONCENTRATION OF JOBS CAREER OPPORTUNITIES INSPECTION ENGINEERING ROBOTICS EDUCATION PROJECT MANAGEMENT SALES ANNUAL WAGE 10% MEDIAN 90% $2,680 $34,410 $51,610 TRAVELING JOB OPPORTUNITIES INDUSTRIAL SHUTDOWNS Traveling place to place helping manufacturing plants operate trouble free. SHIP BUILDING AND REPAIR Hired by shipyards as "independent contractors" to help build anything from specialty research vessels to aircraft carriers. MILITARY SUPPORT Typically hired by contracting companies that specialize in building infra- structure and repairing military equipment. ON-BOARD SHIP MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR Working for a cruise line, welders are required to live on the ship while it travels the world. Replacing pipes and doing repairs while the ship is at sea. PIPELINE INSTALLATION Often requiring welders to live in remote places, like the territories of Canada and Alaska, pipeline welders travel to wherever pipelines are being installed or repaired and typically travel as long as the project requires. MOTOR SPORTS NASCAR racing teams hire welders to travel with the pit crews to construct and repair custom made equipment. Cars are built from the ground up requiring custom welding and metal fabrication. UNDEI ATER ELDING A highly specialized field, welders travel the world working on new construction and preforming repairs at the bottom of the world's oceans. This skill-set is always in demand around the globe. TRAVELING SALARIES HIGHLY SKILLED welders that are WILLING TO TRAVEL and/or WORK IN HAZARDOUS CONDITIONS can earn well over $100,000 A YEAR. Examples of annual salaries: 高 UNDER WATER WELDERS TRAVELING INDUSTRIAL MILITARY SUPPORT PIPE WELDERS WELDERS $50,000 - $185,000 $100,000 - $200,000 $160,000 - $200,000 THE FUTURE OF WELDING As an increasingly high-tech skill, future welders will utilize training for the operation of ROBOTS AND OTHER AUTOMATED SYSTEMS using powerful LASERS AND ELECTRON BEAMS to bond metals. + CURRENTLY 20% TO 25% OF U.S. WELDING "Welding will increasingly offer career opportunities for students interested in materials engineering, robotics, lasers, computer program- IS AUTOMATED + 20% GROWTH IN AUTOMATED WELDING ming and systems integration" OVER THE NEXT FEW YEARS, REQUIRING SKILLED WELDING OPERATORS PATRICIO MENDEZ, Director of the Canadian Center for Welding and Joining at the Uni- versity of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada + WELDING AS A CAREER WILL CONTINUE TO MOVE BEYOND THE MANUFACTURING LINE According to DON HOWARD, Welding specialist at Concurrent Technologies Corp. SOURCES: TULSA WWELDING SCHOOL

The Ultimate Guide To Welding Careers

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The welding industry is experiencing a shortage in skilled welders. This infographic breaks down the demand as well as welding career stats and facts for those who may be interested in a career in welding.



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