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The Ultimate Cure for Your Procrastination

· THE ULTIMATE CURE · for your PROCRASTINATION you ever leave your assignments to the last minute? Follow through this flowchart and kill the procrastination virus. Do By Doug Azevedo DO YOU HAVE A PROJECT DUE TOMORROW Any project due this week? Anything you should have already done? Have you started working on it? Are you working on it right now? Is everyone else sleeping? Is it more than 50% done? DIAGNOSIS DIAGNOSIS YES You are not sO screwed. Just don't give up. You are so screwed. Get some extra lives. Have you emailed Are you listening to music? your instructor? CONGRATULATIONS! You've found the pot of gold. Go post a selfie on Instagram now. CONGRATULATIONS! The procrastination virus hasn'tinfected you yet. Go tweet aboutit. Have you drunk coffee in the last 2 hours? Are you logged in on facebook? Have you posteponed this assignment in the last seven days for no particular reason? Are you reading this in bed? Have you tweeted in the last 30 min? YES ANALYSIS You are so tired you can barely read this. ANALYSIS You are going through a creative crisis. ANALYSIS You are just trying to find an excuse. ANALYSIS You are stuck in the motivation limbo. Can you watch your favourite TV show without pausing Do you always give up on goals that require persistence? (ex. leam an idiom) all the time? Did you read this flowchart all the way through without cheating? Do you ever miss a class just to ask your teacher to postpone that assignment? PERFECCIONISM VICTIM DISTRACTED & HOPEFUL You are kind of getting it done LAZY & CONFIDENT PROCRASTINATOR AS ITS BEST You are getting it 50% done You are getting it done Take it easy, but don't male procrastination it a habit. You are going through one of those bad days. Hope won't let you stop althought you're so behind the time. Youare so not getting it done Perhaps a can only work under pressure.

The Ultimate Cure for Your Procrastination

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Procrastination is an evil in today’s society, and when it comes to college education, most people people can’t help but cry over procrastination. Although this is supposed to be an informal co...


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