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Type-ology 101: The Basic for Using Text and Fonts

Type-ology 101 Kno w the basics | Trans form your Co m m unicati on Defietor- font [font] typography [tahy-pog-ruh-fee] glyph [glif] typeface (tahyp-feys] An image used as a character to A set of glyphs from a particular The style or design of a glyphs, The selection and planning of identify meaning, such as a letter, character set in a particular size and including elements such as weight, type for printed publications. accent, punctuation mark, or other typeface. size, and obliqueness. symbol. Clasytatau Script Script fonts are identified by a resemblance Sans Serif to handwriting and calligraphy. Script fonts Font family identified by the lack are best used for elegant and fancy designs of "feet" or handles at the ends of but should be used sparingly since they are each letterform (in Latin, "sans" typically much more difficult to read than serf means "without"). Sans serif and sans serif fonts. fonts have a modern feel and are good for titles, headings, and Khar nd text on websites. Sans serif fonts typically appear less visually busy emedtried and are used in “clean" designs. Brush Script M7 Times New Roman. beript seript seript soripe Cambria Century Schoolbook Magneto- Chiller decorative decorative decorative decorative STENCIL SHOWCARD GOTHIC serifserifserifserifserifserifiet. Papyruse Decorative Californian FB Serif Decorative fonts are identified Font family identified by the "feet" or handles as anything that doesn't match at the ends of each letterform. Serif fonts have the other three categories, which classical and professional usages and are makes this the broadest and most typically best for large bodies of text in print diverse font class. Decorative fonts document. are good for logos and signs but should typically only be used in short phrases or single words, possibly in a title. Crossbar Terminal Ascender Bowl Shoulder Eye Handglovery CAP HEIGHT Stem X-HEIGHT BASELINE Serif Counter -Loop Axis Tail Descender Neck Person Conservative Childish Audacious Dired Angry Cute & Cliche happy Professional Gregarious AARRGH MATEY High and Mighty Spumky Goofy TRADITIONAL Persnickety Technophilie Heroic Ru avojd the Times New Roman is stale. 1 ) default fonts 6. pay attention to readability For better readability, Calibri is uninteresting. +Use serif and sans serif fonts Minion Pro is lackluster. +Don't use script or decorative fonts Arial is void of character. +Increase leading a bit +Adjust kerning, if necessary +Use an ideal line length steer clear of Papyrus is hokey. dichés and uglies 10) Comic sans is icky. watch bhe annie legible because it is TRAJAN PRO IS GETTING OLD. (legibility) common Curlz MI isn't as cute as it looks. illegible because it is a unique spelling Good Example 3) tWo fonts See how using two different fonts here makes this paragraph look nice? Two non-conflicting fonts can Jessyka make a document go from bland to professional. an improvement in legibility Bad Example See how using the same font twice just doesn't have the same appeal as the paragraph above? make correct use of Sara used to work for the FBI, but 11 SMALL CAPS now she works for the NCAA. I woke up at 3:00AM again. Like This contrast 4 fout, families The contrast here between the heading and the text is good. They are clearly NCE UPON A TIME IN A LAND Ooh, so far away, there lived a monkey. different, Not Like This Here, the heading is Garamond and the body text is Minion Pro. Yuck. It looks like an accident. „get rid of See how ugly and utterly tacky the 12) lihe bre- hyphenated words in this oth- pay attention to 7-polnt font is okay for business cards. erwise wonderfully constructed aks Size paragraph look? Avoid the pitfall 10-point font is good for reading paragraphs. of making your reader unnec- essarily hang in suspense. Plus, 12-point is usually a bit ugly for reading paragraphs. getting rid of the hyphens will remove some of the visual noise. Big looks important. don't leave All the hippopotamus ever wanted to 13 orphans do was ride a skateboard, but it became obvious that he'd never be able to do don't use WHEN WE WRITE WORDS IN 6 ALL CAPS it. ALL CAPS, THE SHAPES GO AWAY-WORDS ALL TURN INTO orphan RECTANGLES. SO WHEN YOU WRITE OUT A BUNCH OF WORDS IN ALL CAPS, IT SLOWS DOWN READING. TO THE PERSON READING, ALL CAPS ALSO LOOKS 14) highlight know how to Highlight with italics. LIKE YOU'RE YELLING AT THEM. Highlight with boldface. be careful with yellow on orange is bad. (and how not to) Highlight with color. reverse type Highlight with underlining. blue on red is really bad. Highlight with font change. fancy fonts are hard to read Highlight with SİZe. thick, simple fonts are good Highlight with multiple techniques. Don't use too many techniques. çonşider using Ironically, June was born on July 1, 2014. The cute little thing weighed 7 pounds and was 19 inches long. ideal line length in 15 đid Style Figures 123456789 creatę an ideal 8 line length inches old style figures look better tronically, June was born on July 1, 2014. The cute little thing weighed 7 pounds and was 19 inches long. Font Point Size x 2 2014 Scratchy age Halic fudioubipeɔ vpiɔn Jokerman Kozuka Cambria Gothic Family Tree Tahoma Minion Pro 8

Type-ology 101: The Basic for Using Text and Fonts

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Need to know a few of the standard rules of design for using text and fonts? This infographic shows the anatomy and personality of type, the various font families, and the basic rules for designing with words.


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