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Twins in the Classroom

Twins in the Classroom Together or not together? That is the question educators and parents are asking about children of multiple births. Twin Births Are on the Rise 130 child in Between 1980 & 2009, the rate of twin births rose: born in 2009 was a product of multiple birth. That's up from 1 in every 53 in 1980. 200% Seeing Double... and Double 12 sets of twins graduated in the class of 2012, in one Georgia 100% high school Celebrity Twins: Gisele Bundchen: sister, Patricia Alanis Morissette: Scarlett Johansson: Ashton Kutcher: brother, Michael Kiefer Sutherland: sister, Rachel brother, Hunter brother, Wade ..... Do Twins Do Better in Life? One Swedish study analyzed twins and discovered that they fared: Better than singleton children in school Twins had a slightly higher GPA than singletons in 9th grade A+ i>i More twins than singletons completed a university education ...but about the same in adulthood Employment rate was similar between adult twins and adult singletons Mean income was similar between adult twins and adult singletons HOT TOPIC Should Twins Learn Separately? There are different opinions about how being in the same classroom vs. being in different classrooms affects student performance and identity development. No Yes Put them in the same classroom because: Put them in different classrooms because: They could experience Teachers and classmates may separation anxiety about school for the first time O compare the twins, which could be a detriment if one is less skilled than the other It could create emotional trauma at home One twin could distract the other or "mother" excessively Any health concerns * could be exacerbated by separation Their togetherness could hurt social skill development Parents or twins may feel strongly that they need to be in the same class Twins could be overly competitive A study done at King's College in London and University of Wisconsin !*? ABC ABC Twins who were The emotional distress was Twins separated later had lower reading scores than those kept in the same compared 878 separated early were observed to be more pairs of twins especially true for identical twins age 5 to 7 and anxious & emotionally distressed than those kept in the same classroom found that: classroom Some experts think twins need room to develop on their own: Twins are never 50-50 in their skills and abilities. You want them to develop skills and competencies on their own. Stuart Goldman, assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and staff member at Children's Hospital Boston Not All Twins Are Alike 3 types have been indentified: Extreme Individuals May polarize to opposite extremes to forge their own identities Should they be put in the same class? They may be happy in the same class, or apart. Mature Dependants 2 Enjoy their relationship but easily pursue their own interests and friendships Should they be put in the same class? They may be happy in the same class, or apart. Closely Coupled Have few or no friends outside 3 of their twinship and either act or are treated as one unit Should they be put in the same class? Separating them may be beneficial, but could be traumatizing if they've never been apart before Identical Twins May React Differently Than Fraternal Twins According to findings from one London study: Identical When separated in the first year of school at age 5: More depression and anxiety Social withdrawal Other internalizing problems When separated at age 7: Had poorer reading abilities Age 6. Fraternal When separated after the first year of school at age 5: -> Rated as working harder compared to fraternal twins who weren't separated More States Are More Flexible Rather than mandating togetherness or separateness for twins, many states have passed laws or resolutions that allow flexible classroom placement. • Minnesota • Texas • Oklahoma • Louisiana • Illinois • Pennsylvania • Georgia • Florida • Vermont • Mississippi • Washington, D.C. At least 20 Have begun campaigns for flexible classroom twin placement, so it seems to be the trend. other states Minnesota was first in 2005 Texas was second in 2007 It passed its Twin Law in 2005, which gives parents of multiple- birth children the primary voice It passed its "Twin Bill" in 2007. Previously, Texas school districts had the final say on separation vs. togetherness. in whether they are placed in the same or separate classrooms. Previously, MN state law mandated that multiple- birth children be placed Twin Law Twin Bill in separate classrooms. The Choice Isn't Clear With multiple factors affecting each situation, there may not be a one-size-fits-all solution. A study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health found BI no difference in achievement between twins who share the same classroom and twins who are in separate classrooms. Study authors suggest that parents, teachers, and children should be able to make the choice, based on the individual characteristics of the children. Created for OnlineSchools.come QuinStreet, Inc., 2012 For every chapter of your education Sources "Meeting the educational needs of multiple birth children," David A. Hay and Pat Preedy,, 2006 Classroom placement of twins, Ron Banks, Clearinghouse on Early Education and Parenting, 2004 "Born Together, Raised Together, So Why Not in Classroom, Too?", Ginia Bellafante, The New York Times, Feb. 2006 "Celebrities and Their Not-So-Famous Twins," Fox News, March 2009 "Nature, nurture and academic achievement: a twin study of teacher assessments of 7-year-olds," Sheila O. Walker, Stephen A. Petrill, Frank M. Spinath, Robert Plomin, British Journal of Educational Psychology, Sept. 2004 "No effect of classroom sharing on educational achievement in twins: a prospective, longitudinal cohort study," TJ.C. Polderman, M. Bartels, F.C. Verhulst, A.C. Huizink, C.E.M. van Beijsterveldt, D.I. Boomsma, Joumal of Epidemiology & Community Health, 2010 "Educational achievement and vocational career in twins - a Swedish national cohort study," Anders Hjern, Cecilia Ekeus, Finn Rasmussen, Frank Lindblad, Acta Paediatrica, March 2012 "Should Twins Always be Separated in the Classroom?" Renee Grinnell, Psych Central (, Retrieved August, 2012 "Twin Births Rising, Especially for Older Women, CDC Says", USA Today (, January 2012 "What Effect Does Classroom Separation Have on Twins' Behavior, Progress at School, and ReadingAbilities?," Lucy A. Tully, et al, Twin Research, Vol. 7, No. 2, (International Society for Twin Studies, April 2004). For women 35 and over ........ For women 40 and over

Twins in the Classroom

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This infographic addresses the really interesting topic of how twins learn and develop when in the same classroom. Should they be separated or kept together? Read the infographic for some insights.


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