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Twenty Scholarships with Easy Applications

20 COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS WITH EASY APPLICATIONS The cost of a college education is becoming more and more of a burden for many students and their The national families. student debt is 1.1 trillion Tuition accounts 70% of college students In 2013 college grads had an average of $35,200 in college-related debt for between 1/3 and 1/2 (or 27% - 49%) of the total cost of attendance. graduate with loans The return on investment for a college education remains about 14-15% SCHOLARSHIPS WITH EASY APPLICATIONS ) American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship » 820,000 scholarship » US. high school Seniors H20 6) Countdown to College Scholarship enrolling in college or trade school > To enter, read an essay and answer quiz > B1000 seholarship » College-bound teens in grades qth-ath » Enter to win by signing up for Potential's free weekly e-newsletter 2.) Cappex Monthly Scholarship » B1,000 monthly scholarship » Currertly enrolled in high school or college 7.) Courage to Grow Scholarship > Es00 monthly scholarship » US. residets who ae juias ar Seniars in high schood er college stuslerts with a minimum GPA of as a better » Explain in 250 words or less why you believe you should be awarded this scholarship or plan to enroll in the next 12 months » Register for a free account to enter to win 3.) College Week Live Scholarship » B,000 monthly scholaship » Register for a free, online virtual college fair & visit three virtual college booths to enter s.) Frame My Future 4) College Xpress Scholarship > BI0,000 scholarship » Open to incoming college freshman, or students planning to transfer to another school » No application reguired » 51,000 scholarship » httending a or uiversity full-time for the 201s-20G academic year » Submit an originad, creative image - a photograph, collage, poem, drawing, etc. s.) Common Knowledge Scholarship 9.) Horatio Alger Scholarship » Up to Bo,000 in > Must be 4 years of age monthly scholarship funds or older and attending » Up to 822000 > Must plan to attend cllege and mintain a 20 GPA a high school or college in the U.S. » Complete guizzes to enter 10.) No Essay Scholarship » 82,000 monthly scholarship > Anyone who will be attenig callege in the rext v months » Fill out a simple form to enter > Can apply once each month u.) Peterson's Create-a-Greeting Card Scholarship LOVE D > BI0,000 scholarship > Must be a US. citizen and at least w years of age or older > Submit an original photo, piece of artwork, or computer graphic for the front of a geeting card K6.) Scholarship Points * » Three or more B1000 scholarships every month, a io,000 scholarship every three months, and a 20,000 scholarship every year » Must be a legal residert of the US. or Puerto Rico, at least 13 years of age or older, and be enrolled or will be enrolling in a college or university in the US. » Earn points by taking surveys, recding blog posts, and checking out preferred partners. » Ech point is a potertiad entry in a scholarship drewing. SAT 12.) ROCKtheSAT Scholarship » 8 s00 monthly scholarship » Open to hiah school juniors preparing to take the StT 13.) Sallie Mae » B,000 monthly scholarship » Studerts or parents, qutidance counselors, or financial cid officers applying on behalf of a 17) Scholarship Zone Scholarship » Enter to win a Bis,000 scholarship > Must be at least is vears old student can submit applications » Create an account with Sallie Mee's online and currently enrolled in college » Register to use their site to be entered in the drawing toolbox for a chance to win is) Urigo Scholarship » Two, ,50o0 scholarships » Submit a statement (4o characters or less) abot how you ll use the money 4.) Scholarship Detective » win one of four, Bio,000 scholarships > Must be w or older, US. resident, and registered at an accredited school » write a brief statement (200 words or less) in response to a question 15.) Scholarship Experts Scholarships » Scholarships range from B,500-8 s,00 » lare a number of scholarships that are fun and easy to enter: Zombie Apocalypse, Make Me Laugh, Shout it Ot, etc. 19.) US Bank Scholarship » Win one of 40, 1,000 scholarships » Open to lS. high school Seniors and college undergrads > Fill out a form with basic information 20) Zinch Weekly Scholarship * * Keep a list of scholarships you qualify for and write down deadlines Use existing essays, projects, etc. as application material » ,000 weekly scholarship » Open to all high schoo students in the US. > Submit a 2-3 Sentence response to each weekly question QUICK TIPS * Read qualifications and application guidelines carefully FOR being short (and tall!) for lefties, for duck callers, and more. Apply for everything you qualify for! SCHOLARSHIP HUNTING * There are scholarships for Compare. Pick. Save.

Twenty Scholarships with Easy Applications

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The cost of a college education is rising each year and the national student debt has exceeded one trillion. It’s important to have a plan of action on how you can lessen the amount of outstanding l...




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