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The True Timeline Behind The People Vs. O.J. Simpson!

"'I! THE PEOPLE vs. OJ SIMPSON "NOT T GUILTY" il. TIMELINE OF EVENTS 1977 » Nicole Brown and OJ Simpson meet 1985 > Nicole Brown and OJ Simpson marry 1992 1989 > OJ pleads no contest to spousal abuse Nicole files for divorce ЩШ T Щ 1994 JUNE 12TH The slain bodies of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman are discovered. JUNE 17TH 0.J. is charged with two counts of murder. He escapes in a white Ford Bronco. A low- speed chase takes place as millions tune in to watch. O.J. eventually surrenders and is taken into custody. "ABSOLUTELY, 100x JULY 22ND NOT GUILTY." O.J. pleads "absolutely, 100% not guilty"; Judge Lance Ito is assigned to the trial. NOVEMBER 3RD |JURY BOX Jury is selected. 1995 THE TRIAL BEGINS... 000 JANUARY 230 Opening statements by prosecution and defense. FEBRUARY 3R0-6TH Nicole's sister, Denise Brown, testifies that O.J. had been abusive to Nicole. FEBRUARY 7TH Nicole's neighbor testifies that he heard the sound of a dog's "plaintive wail" from near her home at 10:15 p.m.. Prosecution estimates it as the time of the killings. MARCH 9TH-16TH Detective Mark Fuhrman testifies that he found bloody gloves at O.J.'s estate and says he has not used a racial slur in the past 10 years. 1 MARCH 22NO-28TH Testimony from 0.J.s house guest Brian "Kato" Kaelin, who testifies he last saw him at 9:35 p.m. on the night of the murders. Kaelin states O.J. had been "upset" with Nicole earlier that evening. MARCH 28TH O.J's limo driver, Allan Park, says Simpson didn't answer the door on the night of the murders until 11 p.m. MARCH 8TH-15TH DNA lab director Robin Cotton links DNA evidence to O.J. JUNE 2NO-15TH The coroner shows the jury graphic photos of the murder and explains how they were killed. JUNE 15TH O.J. puts on the leather gloves and tells the jury that "they don't fit." JULY ITH Witnesses claim to have not seen anything unusual at 10:20 p.m., bringing time of murder into question. JULY 17TH-18 TH O.J.'s doctor backs up defense argument that O.J. had debilitating injuries from football career, but says he was physically capable of carrying out the murders. JULY 24TH A forensic toxicologist says he found evidence of blood preservative in two pieces of evidence, implying police planted the evidence. AUGUST 2ND Microbiologist John Gerdes declares L.A. police crime lab is "by far" most contaminated he's ever seen; casts doubt on most widely used DNA test. AUGUST 22ND-28TH Henry Lee, forensics expert, testifies to finding three shoe prints at crime scene that didn't match O.J.'s Bruno Magli shoes and says police mishandled evidence. AUGUST 29TH Excerpts of recorded interviews between Fuhrman and screenwriter Laura Hart McKinny were played with jury absent. In calm, casual tone, Fuhrman uses n-word 41 times. SEPTEMBER 5TH ? @z!& Five witnesses, including McKinny, testify to Fuhrman's use of racial epithet within last 10 years. At hearing with jury out of room, Fuhrman invokes Fifth Amendment protection in further testimony. SEPTEMBER IITH Defense refuses to rest while appealing on Fuhrman; Ito orders prosecution to begin rebuttal. Five photographers testify about pictures of O.J. wearing gloves like ones linked to crime. SEPTEMBER 22 ND Simpson gets a chance to address the jury without being cross-examined. He says he did not, would not, could not have committed this crime." HOLY BIBLE SEPTEMBER 26TH Clark begins her closing arguments by blasting her former star witness - Mark Fuhrman – as a racist, but cautions that does not mean he planted key evidence at Simpson's home. SEPTEMBER 27TH Christopher Darden wraps up the prosecution closing arguments by portraying Simpson as consumed by jealous rage. Cochran then takes up for the defense, hammering home the theme, "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit." OCTOBER 3R0 Verdict of not guilty is announced, and O.J. Simpson is set free. O.J. writes a book called If I Did It and describes how he might have 2007 > killed Nicole and Ron. 2008 > 0.J. robs a hotel room at gunpoint. 2009 » O.J. is sentenced to 33 years in prison. Ш ШЩШШ FACTS Kendall Jenner's middle name is Nicole, after Nicole Brown Simpson FAYE RESNICK KATO KAELIN APPEARED ON APPEARED ON THE COVER OF THE COVER OF To whom it may concern. PLAYBOY IN 1997 PLAYGIRL IN 1996 Faye Resnick appeared in Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills and Keeping Up With The Kardashians O.J. wrote his suicide note in Kim Kardashian's bedroom THE O.J. CASE LAUNCHED THE KARDASHIAN NAME AND POSSIBLY KICKSTARTED REALITY TV Millions tuned into watch on the day of the white Bronco chase, and Domino's Pizza reported higher sales than on Super Bowl Sunday 0.J.s white Bronco is now available to hire for special events. ROBERT SHAPIRO, JOHNNIE COCHRAN, MARCIA CLARK, KRIS JENNER, FAYE RESNICK, 0.J. SIMPSON, KIM GOLDMAN, THE L.A. DISTRICT ATTORNEY, THREE JURY MEMBERS, 57% AND MANY MORE WROTE BOOKS ABOUT THE TRIAL 157 million people watched the verdict, which is approximately 57% of America PRESENTED BY Kcheckmate SEARCH CRIMINAL RECORDS ONLINE SOURCES:»PM:US >>

The True Timeline Behind The People Vs. O.J. Simpson!

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O.J. Simpson. The white Bronco. The Kardashians. Jog your memory about one of the most famous trials of the century with this infographic that details the timeline of the O.J. Simpson trial.


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