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Tricks and Tips for The Perfect Interview

TRICKS AND TIPS FOR THE PERFECT INTERVIEW "One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation." Non-Verbal Mistakes to Avoid in an Interview 1. Harmful Handshake A handshake that is very limp or equally one that is too strong is a mistake when greeting your interviewer. You don't want to appear insecure or arrogant within seconds of your interview starting. It is also important to avoid shaking hands for too long as it may appear you are trying to over impress the interviewer. 2. Look into my eyes Very little eye contact can not only make you seem too shy and intimidated but you also run the risk of appearing disinterested. If you stare at the interviewer too much you may seem intimidating. Hold eye contact as naturally as you can, keep it relaxed. 3. Smile! Remember you are not a robot and neither is the interviewer, it is ok to smile or laugh in an interview. Try to act as if you are having a normal conversation. 4. Poor Posture Posture for an interview is very straight forward - sit up straight, lean forward and engage with the conversation. Do not cross your legs, tap your feet, fold your arms, lean back in your chair or fidget! 5. Dress to Impress Even though we try and avoid it, we make a judgement on someone within 30 seconds of meeting them. Wear clothes appropriate to the business but don't be afraid to let your personality show in pieces like your jewellery and accessories. б. Keep the cologne/perfume to a minimum It is advised not to wear any fragrance as you don't want it to overpower the room. If you insist on wearing your signature scent keep it to a spritz or two, you want to be remembered for you, not for what you smelt like. Dress for Success Do Don't > Make sure your clothes are ironed and wrinkle free. > Don't wear flashy, distracting jewellery. > Wear clothes that fit properly > Have your hair clean and presentable, if you are a mam ensure your facial hair is well-groomed. Don't wear anything too revealing. > Don't wear bold prints and distracting materials. Choose solid block colours > Research the company's culture and the typical dress code of other employees. in neutral shades. > Don't wear odd socks or ripped stockings, these could be visible when you sit down. > Wear comfortable yet work appropriate shoes. Don't wear too much make-up, avoid > Wear a belt and shoes that match each other and your outfit. heavy eye make-up and bright lipsticks. > Keep your look classic. Question Time Questions to ask in an interview. Why has the position become available? What measures are used to judge how successful l am in the role? How doe the company expect objectives to be met? Will I be working as part of a team? What qualities does someone need for this role? What aspirations do you have for my role in the company? How would you describe the company culture? Are there plans for expansion? Is the job right for you ? You may do a perfect interview and be offered the position but it is your prerogative to accept the job or not. A few Red Flag Warnings to watch out for during the interview that could lead to trouble later down the line include: The interviewer is late. The interviewer bad mouths the person you are replacing. > High staff turnover. > The interviewer is unable to define the role. Negative online reviews. You were asked personal questions. The interviewer checks their phone/emails throughout the interview. References: EXpress EMPLOYMENT PROFESSIONALS

Tricks and Tips for The Perfect Interview

shared by ChrisVandenbosch on Feb 13
Interviews are tasks that most of us will have to participate in many times in our careers. The thought of an interview can send fear into many and make even the most confident person a nervous wreck....


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