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Top Ten Tips for Learning a Language in 2014

eurotalk ТОР 10 TIPS for Learning a language in 2014 1. Tell everyone you know AKA The biscuit tin method. If you tell everyone you're giving up biscuits you're a lot less likely to cave, just in case you get caught with your hand in the tin. 2. Start with the basics "Hello" "Konichiwa" “Bonjour!" Whatever your reason is for learning, start with 'hello' and progress from there. Don't dive in at the deep end before you can swim. 4. Don't worry 3. Don't be too much about scared. grammar Talk to people! "You don't learn to walk by following the rules. You learn by doing and falling To begin with, focus on vocab. over." Cement's no good without the bricks to stick together. - Richard Branson 5. Make yourself some flash cards Bb Aa Cc Ball Ахе Car Get an App (try uTalk.. It's FREE!) or learn with a friend. Competition is a great way to get motivated. 6. Find someone to talk with Use the internet to find friends at home or abroad. 8. Visit the country 7. Read, watch and listen to anything you can find Practise the language as it's really spoken and enjoy a holiday somewhere nice. Note down any words you don't know and look them up later. Double Win! 9. Don't give up It's not easy but it'll be worth it in the end. Everyone has the ability to learn a language, so stick with it. 10. Enjoy it You learn better when you're having fun, so be creative and find the method that works for you. Good luck! Feeling inspired? Start now! @

Top Ten Tips for Learning a Language in 2014

shared by eurotalk on Jan 13
For anyone thinking about learning a language this year, here are our top ten tips to get you started and keep you motivated.






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