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Top Online Degrees vs. Top Campus Degrees

TOPTOP ONLINE CAMPUS DEGREES DEGREES WITH ONLINE DEGREES BECOMING MORE AND MORE COMMON, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT PROSPECTIVE STUDENT'S TAKE THE TIME TO EXAMINE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ONLINE DEGREES AND CAMPUS DEGREES. THERE ARE MANY FACTORS TO REVIEW WHEN CHOOSING WHAT AND WHERE TO STUDY. CHECK OUT SOME OF TODAY'S TOP SCHOOLS, CAMPUS DEGREES AND TOP ONLINE DEGREES. 38% Internet New Media 24% 23% Technology High Tech Sectors Engineering SECTORS WHERE 15% Marketing ONLINE DEGREES ARE MOST ACCEPTED 55% Acceptable, but not as creditable than fraditional degree 33% Just as good as a Campus degree WHAT EMPLOYERS 12% THINK OF ONLINE Not as good as a Campus degree DEGREES THE COST OF EDUCATION AVERAGE PER YEAR 4-YEAR PUBLIC $7,600 COLLEGE 4-YEAR PRIVATE s27,293 NON-PROFIT COLLEGE 2-YEAR PUBLIC $2,713 COLLEGE ONLINE $7,600 COLLEGE CHOOSING THE RIGHT ONLINE SCHOOL Before you choose a school, be sure to check the US Dept. of Edacation for listings of accredited schools. Below are some of the Top Online Schools and their average tuition. $620 CHAMBERLAIN College of Nursing Per Credit University of Phoenix" Thinking ahead. $565 Per Credit $495 GRAND CANYON UNIVERSITY Per Credit GONZAGA 4 $490 UNIVERSITY Per Credit Indiana State $340 University More. From day one. Per Credit TOP DEGREES ONLINE CAMPUS DEGREES DEGREES Biology Business Management Business Administration & Management Computer Science Communications Communications Computer Science Education Criminal Justice Engineering Education Heath Care Marketing Services Nursing Law Enforcement Psychology Nursing Online College CONS Some emplayers may not perceive the degree as the eguivilant of a PROS Overall, cheaper than most traditional colleges traditional degree. Schedules are flexible & Fewer in-person accomodate full time interaction with peers Distance beefits - Courses & Programs offered online may not Little or no face-to-face work & odd graveyard shifts Communication with professors be arailable locally Traditional College PROS Social events and activity opportunities CONS Not as much flexibility with classes as online college Typically, the degree is more appealing to employers Higher cverall costs than online college Better communication with professors & fellow students You may be reguired to relocate or Travel SOURCES: Colleges_Typically_Cost.html http://www.hawmuchdoeseverythingoost. com/costa/haw-much-does-online-college-cost-cost-of-oniline-college/ Differences Between Online_and Treditional Clessroom_Educetiona.html diplome-milla/ollega.htm $30,000 $28,000 $26,000 $24,000 $22,000 $20,000 $18,00 $16,0 $14,0 2.000 $12, $10.00 10,000 $8,000 $6,000 $4,000 $2,000

Top Online Degrees vs. Top Campus Degrees

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This info graphic compares different degrees like an online communications degree and an organizational leadership degree. It compares online versus campus degrees and helps to visualize what degrees...


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