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Top 8 Productivity Tips for New Students

ICS Learn ТОP 8 PRODUCTIVITY TIPS FOR STUDENTS During the most stressful times of the year when almost every assignment imaginable is due, being able to harness productivity is of monumental importance. As such, here are our top 10 tips to keep new students on track and make their life that little bit easier. MAKE A LIST Our first tip is to keep on track by writing your tasks down by due date or alternatively, in order of importance. This will keep the whirlwind of tasks increasing stress levels at bay,(for now at least), and keep your mind focused and prepared for what's to come. 2 PLAN YOUR WORK Create an action plan. This will save new students time, effort later on and a whole lot of stress. By knowing what you need to do step by step for each essay or report, this will encourage productivity and assignments might even be started earlier than the day before its due, always a bonus! 3 START EARLY By starting early, you are given time to prepare the best work you can, and even get a head start on the rest of the class! Starting a couple weeks in advance will mitigate the stress of a narrowing time frame and might push your grade up up those much needed extra couple of marks. 4 GET THE WORST OUT THE WAY Having a huge report or essay to due may discourage you from starting any of the other thousand tasks which are on your plate. By getting the most difficult out the way, this will encourage you to buckle up and get on with the rest. At the very least you can always think "it can only get better from here on in. 5 AIRPLANE MODE ON A two-minute thesaurus search can turn into a five hour Netflix marathon quite easily! Having the latest scores, gossip and news at your beckon call through either Twitter, Facebook, Instagram can prove hugely distracting. DONT BURN YOURSELF OUT It is essential to take small breaks to give yourself a breather and to prevent feeling overwhelmed by your workload. Working for too long can hinder your progress and prevent you from working in the days to come. ITS OK TO SAY NO Sometimes new students will need to make sacrifices and by just saying “no" can prove beneficial for both you and your work. Not going to that party, taking that extra shift or watching the football can give you that much desired time to get on with your work and complete the many tasks which you have been presented. 8 EXERCISE Don't become a slave to your workbooks! Its important to get some exercise or else your days of lounging between couch and textbook will slowly become both monotonous and repetitive. Exercise can give you that much needed lift between studies, giving you the right mindset to get on with your work. FOR COURSE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT WWW.ICSLEARN.CO.UK

Top 8 Productivity Tips for New Students

shared by matthewmarley1 on May 01
We share our top 8 tips to keep new students on track and make their life that little bit easier.


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