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Top 25 US Cities With the Best Parks

TOP 25 U.S. CITIES WITH THE BEST PARK'S Top 25 Large U.S. Cities Ranked by Overall ParkScore The Trust for Public Land's ParkScore system uses mapping technology and demographic data to score cities. They are ranked based on park acreage, investments and amenities, and accessibility. Minneapolis, MN St. Paul, MN San Francisco, CA Washington, D.C. Portland, OR Arlington, VA Irvine, CA New York, NY Madison, WI Cincinnati, OH Chicago, IL Seattle, WA Boston, MA San Diego, CA Aurora, Co St. Petersburg, FL Albuquerque, NM Plano, TX St. Louis, MO Denver, CO Milwaukee, WI Omaha, NE Sacramento, CA Fremont, CA Las Vegas, NV Median Park size Parkland as Percent of Adjusted City Area Percent of Residents within 10 Min. Walk of Park Spending per Resident Amenities Average 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 Top 10 U.S. Cities (and 5 Lowest) With the Highest Parkland Percentage of City Area Parkland includes city, country, metro, state, and federal parkland within city limits. Adjusted city area excludes airport and railroad acreage from city land area. Anchorage, AK 84.2% 1,086,019 Fremont, CA 48.6% 49,516 Honolulu, HI 33.0% 36,329 North Las Vegas 26.2% 63,941 New Orleans 25.7% 107,655 Scottsdale, AZ | 24.6% 117,089 Albuquerque, NM 23.6% 116,051 San Diego, CA | 23.2% 205,918 Irvine, CA | 22.3% 42,308 Washington, D.C. 21.9% 38,955 Hialeah, FL |1.5% 13,666 Lexington, KY 2.5% 180,899 12.5% | 2.6% 12.7% Laredo, TX 55,391 Baton Rouge, LA 48,353 Fresno, CA 71,486 9??AT?????,4pe2 11 1 !??AT?????. ATI Top 10 U.S. Cities (and 5 Lowest) With Walkable Park Access Top 10 U.S. Cities with the Most Playgrounds Per 10,00o Residents Top 10 U.S. Cities with the Most Off-Leash Dog Parks Per 100,000 Residents Percent of Population Within 2 Mile Walk to Park Number of Playgrounds Per 10,000 Residents Dog Parks Per 100,000 Residents Boise, ID San Francisco, CA Boston, MA Arlington, VA Washington, D.C. New York, NY St. Paul, MN 99% Madison, WI Cincinnati, OH 7.1 6.8 98% Henderson, NV Portland, OR 5.3 98% Omaha, NE 4.7 5.3 97% 4.2 Norfolk, VA Virginia Beach, VA Norfolk, VA Las Vegas, NV San Francisco, CA 4.9 97% 4.2 4.1 | Corpus Christi, TX Pittsburgh, PA Glendale, AZ 96% 4.1 38 95% 4.1 Minneapolis, MN Philadelphia, PA Seattle, WA Jersey City, NJ Gilbert, AZ Charlotte, NC Arlington, VA 3.5 93% 40 Tampa, FL 3.3 93% 4.0 St. Petersburg, FL Sacramento, CA I GreensborO, NC 2.4 91% 3.7 Albuquerque, NM 2.3 26% Cleveland, OH 3.7 27% Jacksonville, FL Indianapolis, IN Louisville, KY 32% 32% 34% ##### Sources: Playground Eqúipment All information is sourced from the 2016 and 2017 reports of "City park facts" from The Trust For Public Land. -

Top 25 US Cities With the Best Parks

shared by Michaelson on Oct 27
These are the top 25 cities by median park size, number of parks in walking distance, number of dog parks per citizens, playgrounds per 100 residents. etc. How are your parks and does that factor in t...


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