Top 10 Jobs for SAHMs with Degrees

Top Ten Jobs for Stay at Home Moms 20 with Degrees Writing $10- $50 per hour Bachelor's degree in Journalism, Communication, English or related field with emphasis on producing narrative Bookkeeper or Accountant Associate's or Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration Handling other people's finances from home has been around for many decades. Bookkeeping, Newspapers, magazines, web sites, and an ever-increasing cadre of marketing and sales accounting, payroll processing, invoicing, data entry, billing, and organizations use at-home writers to fill their pages a host of other financial activities can be accomplished from a home computer. with new and inspiring content geared toward getting readers to take action. Although the income from writing can vary widely, most experienced on-line writers and authors can generate a fair income from their efforts. Editors, proofreaders, and ghost writers can find a number of projects and positions available for both short-term assignments and long-term projects. Consulting $75 - $200 per hour Bachelor's, Master's or Doctoral degree in any field 46 Jeaching Taking knowledge gained in college and experience gleaned from the field, consultants can work from home now $15 - $65 per hour Bachelor's, or Master's much more easily than in times past. Business, medical, social work, administrators, and degree in Education or specialization in any school subject literally hundreds of other disciplines utilize consultants for short-term projects. Even construction projects and aerospace engineers can get in on the wave of on-line service providers for companies all over the world. Whether working as an on-line college instructor using a web-cam or as a tutor for students, teaching has found a solid foundation on the internet. Many modern home-schools have created a network for their children to access teaching professionals who can assist with everything from lesson plans to working one-on-one with struggling students. College students at all levels also require support for difficult classes and upcoming examinations. Bachelor's, Master's, and even a few Doctoral Website Design $25 - $175 per hour candidates take advantage of teaching professionals. Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's degree in Graphic Design, Digital Design, Web Design, New Media, Game Software, Visual Communication, Digital Cinematography, Computer Animation 6' 2J Jechnical вчрросt This is a hot area with thousands of opportunities opening up all over the country everyday. Websites are crammed with employment opportunities for college-educated graphic designers who can create, edit, and customize all types of web-based advertising, marketing, information resources, and customer service activities. Specializing in animation, motion technologies, and inter-active site design can bring in really good money. $35 - $125 per hour Associate's, Bachelor's, or Master's degree in IT Technical Support, IT Repair, Cisco Systems Networking, Microsoft Networking Systems, Computer Programming, Unix Language, Computer Science, Database Administration, LAN Technology, Electrical Engineering, Operating Systems Engineering Virtual Assistant $15 - $55 per hour Associate's, Bachelor's, or Master's degree in Paralegal Studies, Pre-Law, Pre-Med, Medical Office Systems, Business Administration, Management, Many companies providing proprietary software and hardware rely on home-based technicians who can speak with clients and go online to help resolve operating problems with remote software and hardware. Training in networking, equipment installation, software debugging, and numerous other needed disciplines makes this one of the highest paying at-home careers. Accounting, Finance, Marketing More and more companies, law firms, doctor's offices, non-profit organizations, and others have needs for part-time and full-time virtual assistants. Paralegals, medical transcriptionists, research assistants, and others who possess degrees and experience in a particular field can work at home assisting clients with a plethora of tasks which can remotely support those engaged in offices or out in the field. Remote 100010, 10010011001 Pzogramming p0101001011 0101010010 $35 - $175 per hour Associate's, Bachelor's, or Master's 111001 degree in Programming, Operating Systems Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Unix Language, PLC Design and 9A 10 Programming, Computer Science Computer programmers and software engineers have long known they can work at home just as well as in an office environment. With Drafting Design Architectural the capabilities of the internet to support their efforts, they can create or repair software, write lines of code, diagnose operating problems, and provide service as though being on-site to conduct the work. $40 - $250 per hour Associate's, Bachelor's, or Master's degree in CAD/CAM Applications, Structural Design, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Environmental Design and Construction Actuary $75 - $195 per hour Bachelor's or Master's degree in Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Finance plus professional licensing from either the Society of Actuaries (SOA) or Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS). CAD/CAM and other construction software programs have evolved to the point that a trained draftsperson can create, modify, and even print out large-format drawings at home. Working as subcontractors, drafters can support an engineering firm's efforts to produce the myriad of drawings and specification sheets utilized in a construction project. Advanced skills in green construction techniques, modern machinery and equipment technologies, and energy-saving building methodologies can keep an at-home drafter or designer extremely busy nowadays. Being an actuary is no longer just the domain of insurance companies. All kinds of organizations utilize actuaries for understanding raw data, defining current trends, or determining future projections. Government, non-profit, political, environmental and private groups employ actuaries for both short and long-term projects. Actuaries are also involved in economic forecasting, historical analysis, and data mining in complex, multi-disciplinary projects with online networks of diverse groups CLASSES CAREERS conducting research and analysis.

Top 10 Jobs for SAHMs with Degrees

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Top ten jobs for stay at home moms with degrees - including required degree level, detailed job description and average salaries.


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