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Top 10 Certificate Degrees in America

TOP 10 Certificate Degrees In America MEDICAL ASSISTANT A certificate program that aids individuals in executing medical office administrative services and clinical duties. It provides basic instructions related to physiology, psychology etc. 58, 478 Total Number of Degrees Awarded in U.S (2012): VOCATIONAL NURSE TRAINING (LPN, LVN, CERT, DIPL, AAS): It prepares individuals to assist doctors in general nursing care under the direction of a registered nurse. This program shares information about patient vital signs, patient health education etc. 52, 034 Total Number of Degrees Awarded in U.S (2012): 3 COSMETOLOGY, GENERAL A certificate program that allows individuals to cut, trim the body hair by apply cosmetic preparations. It shares different instructions in hair cutting and styling, manicuring and, pedicuring. 49, 396 Total Number of Degrees Awarded in U.S (2012): PATIENT CARE ASSISTANT This degree program enables individuals to perform routine nursing-related services under the training of a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse. 38, 658 1 Total Number of Degrees Awarded in U.S (2012): AUTOMOBILE TECHNICIAN perfect degree program for individuals to gain skills required to repair, service, and maintain various automobiles. It provides training in brake systems, engine performance and, engine repair etc. 24, 249 Total Number of Degrees Awarded in U.S (2012): EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY AMBULANCE An absolute program that helps students to recognize, and manage medical emergencies in pre- hospital settings. Individuals get ground training in patients stabilization, rescue maintenance etc. 21, 179 Total Number of Degrees Awarded in U.S (2012): MASSAGE THERAPY A certification program that strengthen the individuals to master manual techniques for manipulating skin, muscles. It provides guidance for sports massage myotherapy/trigger point massage and myofascial release etc. 17, 344 Total Number of Degrees Awarded in U.S (2012): WELDER A degree certification program that assists individuals to gain technical knowledge and skills required to cut metal surfaces. It even provides ground training in arc welding, resistance welding etc. 16, 677 Total Number of Degrees Awarded in U.S (2012): TRUCK AND BUS DRIVER An educational program that helps individuals in acquiring skills required to drive trucks and buses. It guides them in operating gas, or electrically-powered vehicles, loading and unload- ing cargo etc. 16,258 Total Number of Degrees Awarded in U.S (2012): 10 DENTAL ASSISTANT An enlightening certification program that teaches individuals in preparing patients and equip- ment for dental procedures. Candidates are guided with instruction in medical record-keeping, scheduling and equipment maintenance. 14, 646 Total Number of Degrees Awarded in U.S (2012): TOP 10 UNIVERSITIES IN UNITED STATES PRINCETON UNIVERSITY YALE UNIVERSITY HARVARD UNIVERSITY MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 10 UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO STANFORD UNIVERSITY DUKE UNIVERSITY CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY 7 UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA TOP 10 COURSES ON DEMAND IN USA ENGINEERING MBA PHD IT AND ALLIED FIELDS SPORTS, SPORTS MANAGEMENT COMPUTER SCIENCE ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING BIOTECHNOLOGY PHYSIOTHERAPY HOSPITALITY ANNUAL SPENDING ON EDUCATION IN TWELVE DIFFERENT COUNTRIES UNITED STATES CANADA MEXICO UNITED KINGDOM $809.6 BILLION $65.4 BILLION $74.9 BILLION $122.6 BILLION SOUTH KOREA RUSSIA JAPAN FRANCE $61.6 BILLION 86.9 BILLION $160.5 BILLION $121 BILLION GERMANY FINLAND AUSTRALIA BRAZIL $129.8 BILLION $10 BILLION $41.8 BILLION $114 BILLION OTHER INTERESTING STATS The rate of adults holding a post-secondary credentials has raised from 11% to 30% between 1970 – 2009. The adult population acquiring degree certificate has increased from 21% to 45% 1984- 2009. from the year Over 0.2%0 adults in US have acquired an associate's degree certificate in 2U09. In 2009 over 1.1% of the US total adult population have obtained a doctorate degree. On an average, people who have acquired vocational certificate in 2 years took more than 4 years to get their associate's degree. Designed by:

Top 10 Certificate Degrees in America

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There are various certificate degrees in America and in the following part of the article we will let you know about the top 10. The top position in the list is grabbed by the degree of Medical Assist...




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