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Throwing Money at The Problem

THE DAILY News Gossip Opinion Arts & Life Apps & Games Sports PART I SAVING OUR SCHOOLS A5 PART DAILY EXCLUSIVE THROWING MONEY AT THE PROBLEM A collaboration between The Daily and Hyperakt The United States is spending more on education but performance is not keeping pace. 23% 15% 5% MORE SPENT PER STUDENT 1990 4TH GRADE READING SCORES* $7,749 4TH GRADE MATH SCORES* *National 2007 Assessment of Educational $10,041 Progress long-term trends, AMERICAN STUDENTS FALLING BEHIND THE WORLD ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION RATE READING SCORES MATH SCORES SCIENCE SCORES 18 ТОР З 17 ТОР З CN TOP 3 ТОР З 30 23 TH TH TH RD CN SG countries HK DE E CN of 25 countries FI E of 65 countries KR E FI :: of 65 countries HK of 65 FI GR E OECD AVG. OECD AVG. OECD AVG. E OECD AVG. U.S. 78% U.S. 502 U.S. 500 1st: China 556 (Shanghai) OECD average 493 U.S. 487 1st: Germany 100% OECD average 82% 1st: China 600 (Shanghai) OECD average 496 1st: China 575 (Shanghai) OECD average 501 VIEW THE DATA ECONOMIC FACTORS PRIMARY EDUCATION SPENDING SECONDARY EDUCATION SPENDING TOTAL EDUCATION SPENDING DISPOSABLE INCOME 4 ТОР З ТОР З TOP 3 TOP 3 ND TH ST ND LU LU LU of 28 I countries of 29 countries of 27 countries CH of 30 countries CH US OECD TOTAL OECD TOTAL OECD TOTAL OECD TOTAL U.S. $9,709 U.S. $13,447 U.S. $29,197 1st: Luxembourg $13,676 OECD total $6,517 U.S. $10,821 1st: Luxembourg $18,144 OECD total $7,966 1st: Luxembourg $34,242 OECD total $19,181 1st: U.S. OECD total $8,857 VIEW THE DATA SOCIAL FACTORS CHILD POVERTY FOREIGN-BORN POPULATION TEENAGE BIRTHS BULLYING IN SCHOOL ТОР З ТОР З TOP 3 ТОР З 8. 2 TH TH ND TH 4" TR LU TR O of 30 countries of 23 countries of 30 countries of 24 Countries CH GR E PL AU TR AT = ш OECD TOTAL шШи ш E OECD TOTAL OECD TOTAL OECD TOTAL U.S. 20.6% U.S. 13.0% U.S. 49.8 U.S. 11.9% 1st: Turkey 24.6% OECD total 12.4% 1st: Luxembourg 34.8% OECD average 12.4% 1st: Mexico 65.8 1st: Turkey 25.3% OECD total 15.5 OECD total 11.0% VIEW THE DATA OECD - Organization of economically developed and emerging countries

Throwing Money at The Problem

shared by Hyperakt on May 18
The factors that affect academic performance in the American education system are broad and complex. The Daily, News Corp's recently launched iPad news app, asked us to try to capture the current stat...


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