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Text Types (Genres)

what? interest & entertain fairy tales Who? provide listener/reader with DESCRIPTIONS usually written in ORDER the detective stories influence attitudes & opinions stories & text that when? event occurred fables nourish & extend one's imagination retell past events science experiment report romance novels conversations examples NARRATIVES science fiction examples gossips myths RECOUNTS 2 types eyewitness statements 2 legends usually stories historical accounts play script epic poems PERSONAL FACTUAL NITII H the reader or listener a certain to accept a particular point of view behaviour adopt Procedure persuade direct behaviour or action ΤΕΧΤ tell a person how to do or make something purpose purpose PROCEDURES TYPES EXPOSITIONS recipes change craft instructions attitudes & examples game rules existing practices argument 1 itineraries Goal Thesis 3 stages Point + Elaboration v1.0 Created by: Daniel Tay X S, TLI, Singapore ppliance manuals stages 2 Materials / Ingredients Reinstatement of Thesis June 2014 Methods / Steps [email protected] Twitter@tayxiongsheng factual information account of how something works WWW. organize rext wh reason for so me phenomenon store INFOMATION document クィ REPORTS WHY W EXPLANATIONS 2 types 22 祖 explains Look at different ASPECT of a WIKIPEDIA The Free Encyclopedia phenomenon mechanical HOW? elements examples technological Classification system examine components Identify phenomenon natural 2) Explanation of sequence gives

Text Types (Genres)

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What are the different genres in the English Language? Some people may not know the term 'genres', in essence, they are different types of text. In this visual map, find out more about the six main te...


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