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Teaching to the Test

TEACHING TO THE TEST 000 000 000 000 .00 "There's no secret about the test. It's a standards-based test. We teach to the test." 000 000 - Montebello Unified School District Superintendent Art Revueltas See the value placed on standardized testing by requirements such as No Child Left Behind, the desperation to achieve (or appear to achieve) based on these standards, and how factors such as race and income affect performance. HOW WE GOT HERE: No Child Left Behind 100% of U.S. schools were to meet performance standards by OF SCHOOLS WERE NOT THERE 32% 2014 BY 2009 ***Due to performance standards, educators must ensure that their students score high enough on tests to retain funding and jobs. DEVOTING SO MUCH TIME TO TEST PREP IS LEADING TO THE OMISSION OF AS MUCH AS 18% OF REGULAR CLASS MATERIAL |18% THE ACHIEVEMENT GAP RACE INSPIRATION + ROLE MODELS NATIONAL ASSESSMENT OF EDUCATIONAL PROGRESS After Obama gave his nomination acceptance speech, a notable per- formance gap between black and white students closed... 2009 MATH PROFICIENCY REPORT FOR NEW YORK STATE PUBLIC SCHOOLS BEFORE HIS SPEECH FOURTH GRADE EIGHTH GRADE WHITE STUDENTS ANSWERED 12/20 QUESTIONS ON A TEST CORRECTLY OO 34% ALL 40% OO white 50% 44% OO 13% 19% black BLACK STUDENTS GOT 8.5/ 20 25% 15% Hispanic 67% 63% Asian AFTER HIS SPEECH STATE REPORT MEANWHILE: the state filed numbers as much as 56 pts higher than federal findings indicated. BLACK PERFORMANCE IMPROVED TO BE STATISTICALLY EQUAL TO THAT OF WHITE STUDENTS. FEDERAL REPORT Black and Latino males have the lowest odds of graduating from high school of any demographic. INCOME IN MASSACHUSETTS SAT PERFORMANCE BY FAMILY INCOME 20% low-income students score about 20% lower than their 580- 560- 540 peers on standardized tests 520- 500- About 60% of Massachusetts schools 480- with many low-income students aren't meeting English or math standards set by No Child Left Behind 460 440- 420 NYC is slated to close many low-income schools this year... those that don't show adequate proficiency in english or math on standardized tests. • critical reading FAMILY INCOME IN THOUSANDS • math O eiting CHEATING AND IT WASN'T Cheating on standardized tests was believed to have occurred at 1 in 5 schools. 2010 JUST STUDENTS. MUELLER'S STUDENTS' TEST SCORES MATH 50 YR OLD TEACHER Scott Mueller WITHOUT MUELLER WITH MUELLER GRADE 3 GRADE 4 resigned after admitting 67% 97% to copying standardized testing questions word- for-word onto study GRADE 5 GRADE 6 guides for his students. 49% 90% The 66 fifth-graders who used his study guides this year had to retake math and science tests, costing the school $3,300 For many students, the SATS are vital to get into college... vital enough to pay for the best score. SIX students from Great p Neck North High School 2010 2011 paid an alum $1500-$2500 each to take the SATS in their names. He earned scores between 2140 and 2220 out of 2400 He faces up to 4 years, but the students face only misdemeanor charges AND WILL HAVE THEIR SCORES ERASED WITH THE OPTION TO RETAKE EVALUATION + CONSEQUENCES 24 out of 26 of the data points considered on OH school report cards are test scores 130 DETROIT PUBLIC SCHOOLS have closed since 2005 - most due to low test scores 64% of people believe teacher evaluations should include test scores 50% of teachers' yearly evaluations and salary may be determined by test scores in certain states PROVIDED BY: - behindact/index html courts/t/students arrested-sat-cheating-scheme/#. - 03-06 -school-testing_Nhtm" - dont-even pretendit-doesnt-anymorehtml -" blank - http://won,8816,2016994,00 html - - http://articles 1 loa-income-stadents-chird grade reading scores-student population now-york-schools-with-lou-test-scores-are-put-on-closing-list.html - - http://www.nypost. com/p/ncus/opinion/opedcolumnists/ten_GnMitC04B4UHD2YDI5CH - new york-schools-uich -low test-scores are put-on-closing listhtml - homl - - http/opinionator 2011/09/21/ahat-da-test-scores cell-us/ - Standardized Testing and ELLS NCLB More Harm than Good By Maria G Amador 00 >$200 $160-$200 $140-$160 $120-$140 $100-$120 $80-$100 •G=•G=•G=•G=•G= $60-$80 •T=•G=•G=•r=•r= $40-$60 $20-$40 ロ == ロ - == ロ = <$20 •T=•T=•F=•r=•G= SCORE

Teaching to the Test

shared by absolutelytrue on Feb 09
Because one of the biggest points of concern that we hear from teachers is the idea of "teaching to the test" we decided to investigate the value placed on standardized testing by requirements such as...


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