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Teachers pay for 87% of the school supplies needed in their classrooms

Hertz Furniture Presents TEACHERS PAY FOR 87 of School Supplies NEEDED IN THEIR CLASSROOMS How Much Money Do Teachers Spend? According to a recent national survey, teachers spent an average of $945 $186 $268 Classroom Material School Supplies on materials for their classrooms during the last school year. $491 Instructional Material 52% Instructional Materlal 28% school supplies 20% Classroom supplies 50% 99,5 of teachers said that they spent their own money on school supplies and classroom materials. OF THE 3.2Billion spent by teachers on educational products in 2012-13 was from their own pockets spent $1,000 or more of 10 their own money in total for the school year Teachers Pay for "Necessity Items" A recent national survey by Teachers are not only educating students, but through their out-of-pocket purchases, teachers are tackling major social issues such as homelessness, showed that 91% of teachers spend poverty, hunger and teaching students basic life skills, their own money on necessity items for their students. says James Rosenberg, founder of Here is a breakdown of what teachers spend money on: school Supplies Food Money for Field Trips Alarm clocks Personal Care Items Clothing Items onal spending to Teachers say they'll likely have to cut back stock their classrooms. Is This the Teacher's Responsibilty? "What other profession do you know where professionals have to use their own money to do their job properly?" "Do engineers, do accountants spend their own money? Why should teachers when they are far lower paid than other professionals?" Janet Fass, spokeswoman for the American Federation of Teachers. The school systems are simply not able to supply funding on what should be priority. says Barbara Goodman, communications director for the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers. Solutions? Some public and private organizations are providing teachers with classroom necessities. NASA Lockheed-Martin U.S. Geological Society RAFT Resource Area For Teaching Organizaitons that help fund classroom science experiments. ADOPTACLASSROOM.ORG Provides hundreds of items to educators at affordable prices. Helps connect terachers with donors. Sources: NSSEA survey,, article by Maria F. Durand,, article by Katie Lepi,, survey by CHertz Furniture The School Furniture Experts 855-267-4242 I

Teachers pay for 87% of the school supplies needed in their classrooms

shared by SaulWagner on Aug 28
Teachers pay for an incredible 87% of supplies needed in their classroom! Why are teachers required to spend money out of their own pockets?


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