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Teachers Are Heroes

t'acheRS Ate heroes Teachers change the world by spreading knowledge and making an impact on their students from the classroom through to the rest of their lives. Learn more about how teachers are heroes and how they shape not only our education, but our entire world. TEACHERS TODAY there are over 12 MILLION SV. are full-time elmentary and secondary teachers. teachers in the U.S. are preschool and postsecondary teachers. 90/ H07 are female. over 1 IN S 1 IN J are over 50. are in their 20s. TEACHING NERO. EYLOR MA Writes and performs spoken word about the importance of teaching Left teaching in 2000 to pursue a goal of inspiring 1,000 new teachers Met his goal in 2012 ТЕЛСНМG, А ПЕRОIС JОВ 1,092 1,019 teachers on 2000 average work 5o NOURS per week. 1000 6/ of teachers work over avg full-time employees 20 HOURS teachers per week OUTSIDE OF CLASS, doing 25 50 unpaid tasks like grading papers and running extracurricular activities. WEEKS teachers work 447 as many hours as the average full-time employee -- but in 25% less time! fffi V/ of teachers hold more than one job... S17 of teachers work on Sundays... .compared to only 2/ of other professionals! .compared to only J0/ of other full-time professionals. DESPITE THE LONG HOURS, teachers' weekly wages have risen just U.8/ since 1996... .compared to an average IL7 across all other professions. More than I IN teachers who plan to leave the field before retirement cite low pay as the deciding factor. TEACHING NERO. shereie ghan 6 GIELL EVERY STN GRADE CLASS, IF YOU MAKE IT THROUGN JUNIOR NIGN, YOU NAKE IT TAROUGN NIGH SCHOOL AND YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO GO TO COLLEGE, COME SEE NE AND I WILL NAKE SURE THAT YOU GO TO COLLECE 85% of her students are homeless or at risk Committed to providing them with whatever they need Assists with rent, food and clothing THE VALUE OF TEACHERS FOR SOCIETY Apart from parents, teacherS are the of knowledge and Values for children. MAIN SOURCE 1 teacher can touch the lives of students over the course of a Career. ,00 24,00. More than. underserved areas. teachers work in TEACHING HERO. dR laz Selected by the mayor of New York to act as a liaison between the Jewish and African American community following the '91 Crown Heights Race Riots Uses expressive arts, interactive learning and experimental music to help special-needs kids 2008 inductee to National Teachers Hall of Fame THE GREAT NEED FOR GREAT MINDS Approximately 14/,000 NALF of new teachers are hired each year to serve the growing population, teachers QUIT Iin $ 5 YEARS, 100KIN10 will train 1U0,U0U science, technology, engineering and math teachers in just 10 YEARS. TEACHFOR AMERICA provides more than 30,000 90/ teachers to under- served and poverty- striken parts of the U.S. of students come from families below poverty line. design by Francesca Greggs and Lemonwood Design SOURCES: | | l |||| || || | || | | | | USCRossier School of Education NOURS

Teachers Are Heroes

shared by USCTeacher on May 09
It is officially Teacher Appreciation Week, and we’ll continue to celebrate through Friday! Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated each year in the United States during the first full week of May, ...


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