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Surviving Back to School Infographic

Sufvivina Back to School Helpful Hints and Tips for Parents Before term starts... Buy iron-on name tapes. Replace any that have fallen off and add to any new clothes. Mum Can you iron these on to all 14 of Check the fit and state my shirts for tomorrow? of uniforms: Do you need to buy new? та х Shop alone. Stick to a strict list. Don't leave it until the last minute! Pleeeeeaaase can i have a mini skirt this year mum? (like all my friends have!) Nope. Reintroduce routine a week before school starts: Make sure kids get used to at least 9 hours of quality sleep. Practice journey to school before term starts so that they're familiar with it. Set alarm In the mornings... for 6.15 am! Get prepped yourself and set the alarm 15-20 mins early to get up before the kids. NO SNOOZING! V Keep baby wipes near the door for Morning Checklist: V Clean Teeth last-minute clean-ups. Get Dressed Do Hair ng! etc... Make a morning checklist, then make a cheerful playlist and set a task per song! Teach kids to hold down their cuffs when putting on coats so that sleeves don't get bunched up. Uniform and P.E. kit... V Have TWO of everything so that you can "wash one, X 2 wear one". Where are nmy PANTS mum?? Lay out uniforms the night before (including socks and underwear). V Shoe rack by the door= no more lost shoes! shoes School bags... BAGS ARE BY THE DOOR! For Tweens/Teens, pack an 'Emergency kit' with sanitary, cosmetic and cleaning supplies to avoid any 'cringe' moments at school. Pack schoolbags the night before and have them ready to grab on the way out of the door. Juncitime... Prepare lunches ahead of time: Sandwiches can be wrapped and frozen. Fruit and snacks can be put into plastic pots in the fridge. Ham Katy salad Swap out sandwiches for a bit of variety with wraps and pitta bread. Or, cut sandwiches into fun shapes using a cookie cutter. Freeze small bottles of water and juice cartons to keep packed lunches cool - by lunchtime they'll be ready to drink. Homework... Find out from the teacher how much tine should be spenton homework. Find out from the teacher how much time should Maths be spent on homework. Agree a start time for homework every day so it becomes part of the routine. Create a 'homework zone' - a dedicated study space, and keep it stocked with pens, pencils, glue etc. As the term goes on... Have a pinboard in the kitchen... for all those school letters, forms and party invitations Save time by planning dinners each week Tue: Stir-fry Wed: Salmon Mon: Chicken Thu: Leftovers Chippy Fri: call Karen Mum Create a craft supplies 'stash' for anyy last minute projects that come in Sources: Brought to you by: shoezone Daniel • Year 9 Daniel • Year 9 Daniel · Year 9

Surviving Back to School Infographic

shared by RFox91 on Jul 10
With summer comes the creeping existential dread of taking your kids back to school when it's over. Summer is a carnal time, with barbecues every night, the kids running wild every day, no school run ...




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