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Summer Reading Ideas to Keep the Brain Active

SUMMER READING IDEAS TO KEEP THE BRAIN ACTIVE Summertime for and take a break from all of the sometimes tedious and mundane tasks they might associate with school. Unfortunately, all of this downtime might also lead to a drastic reduction in some of the learning kids have achieved over the previous year. One of the most important things students can do over the summer to keep ds is a time when they get to lay back, relax their brain active is to read. The Research Some research indicates that reading fiction might contribute to increased nic success and social acumen. So take a trip to the library or your local bookstore and help your kids pick up some great reading materials that will help promote learning and brain activity. acac What to Read THE CLASSICS Kids who read the classics will experience a glimpse into a different time. Some fun and interesting reading material for students of any age include books written by authors such as Beatrix Potter, J.R.R. Tolkien, Louise May Alcott, and E.B. White. These authors write both historical and fantasy pieces that are sure to enchant children of any age. Check out to find a list of classic books that will inform and engage your child over the summer months. The Tale of Peter Rabbit Charlotte's Web THE LITTLE WOMEN LORD OF THE RINGS READ POETRY Poetry helps promote literacy and helps kids connect to reading through the use of imagery, metaphors and symbolic language. Because poetry uses a metric similar to a musical beat, it stimulates the brain differently than traditional reading. Students who learn to read and recite poetry learn to access their emotions and connect reading to both writing and speaking. Poetry can help kids to go outside the rules of grammar and use language to learn about the world through the writings of other poets, and ultimately express themselves. The Writings of Fhohoypecre BOOK SERIES Harry Potter ADvenTURes OF Kids who get involved in reading book series may become lifelong readers. Some of the books for young children might include the I Can or Franklin's book series. Captain Underpants and Junie B. Jones are other fun book: kids might enjoy Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. Scholastic has some great book series ideas for kids of any age. And The Goblet of fire Captain Underpants ies. Older The Lightning DIARY of a Winmpy Kld Thef Percy Jackson The Olympians NON-FICTION READING Reading non-fiction is helpful for keeping kids informed and helping them understand historical events. Non-fiction reading might come in the form of magazines, newspapers, internet stories or other materials, and may just include a paragraph, or an entire book. Kids who read non-fiction should be encouraged to analyze what they have read in order to increase comprehension. This will encourage them to stimulate brain activity and develop critical thinking skills. NEWS FIND A READING TUTOR Reading can be fun, but for some kids it can be a struggle and frustrating. If you are looking to find a great tutor to help your child discover reading, visit We can help make reading fun! OwlTutors Where Students and Tutors Meet Lewis Carroll uoJág pJo7 Shakeypeare

Summer Reading Ideas to Keep the Brain Active

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#Reading can be fun, but for some kids it can be a struggle and frustrating. If you are looking to find a great #tutor to help your child discover reading, visit We can help make reading fun!


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