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Summer Job Search

SUMMER JOB SEARCH Are Students Finding Work? During the summer, many young WHY IS THAT? people are looking to nail down a job for the few months before school O CAN AMBITIOUS STUDENTS FIND A resumes in the fall. However, studies JOB THIS SUMMER? are showing a downward trend in O AND IF sO, WHERE CAN THEY EARN student summer employment, and it THE MOST MONEY DURING THEIR hasn't just been in the recession years. What we wanted to know is: SUNNY SUMMER MONTHS OFF? Who's Working This Summer? The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that JULY is the peak for student summer employment. JULY Last summer, the percent of 16 to 24- year-olds employed by July was Summer Blues: 48.9%*- Also in 2010, unemployment for the same age group reached 19.1% *This represented the lowest rate for July since 1948. the highest it has been since 1941. Declining Summer Employment Since 1989, the number of 16 to 24- year-old youths looking for summer work has been trending downward. MALES. 1989: 83% 2010: 62.7% FEMALES 1989:72.4% 2010: 58.1% High Schoolers This year, the number of 16 to 19-year-olds in the summer work force hit a 64 year low. In 1948, roughly 50% of 16 to 19-year-olds were employed. Today, only 24% have jobs. 50% 24% 1948 ---- 2010 Are Students Gelting Lazier? Experts believe that the drop in summer student workers has to do with a combination of the recessionary job market and an increase in the number of youths applying for college. 71% 70.1 percent of the members of the high school graduating class of 2008 were enrolled in college last October 2009. ------------------------------- ----- Many of these students instead spent their summers preparing for their move and working on scholarship and financial aid opportunities. ---------------------------- Students in the Recessionary Work Force The sharpest decline in youth employment came during the worst years of the recession. Percent of 16 to 19-year-olds in the workforce 36% 24% When the economy tightens up, employers can't always afford to hire scores of young, often temporary summer workers. 2007---- 2011 ---- Highest Paying Student Summer Jobs Of course, many students still do work during their summers off, and a solid summer gig is especially necessary for those who are worried about tuition, books and supplies for the coming semester. Fortunately, there are some high paying summer opportunities available to make those college expenses easier to manage. TOP 8 HIGHEST PAYING SUMMER JOBS FOR STUDENTS #1 Computer Lab Assistant Admin. Assistant Fitness Trainer $21.78/r. $19.57/nr. $15.86/hr. Print Center Attendant Library Assistant Bank Teller $13.00/nr. $11.42/hr. $11.36/hr. 8. Hotel Desk Clerk Babysitter $10.00/nr. $7.17 - $9.21/nr. High Paying Summer Internahips For the truly driven who want to rake in the big bucks over the summer, and create possible future career opportunities, a paid summer internship could be the way to go. Many companies offer them, and they typically pay much better than regular part-time work. 5 TOP PAYING SUMMER INTERNSHIPS Goldman Sachs JP Morgan Chase Goldman Sachs UBS *$12,385/internship $30.00/hr. $29.00/nr. "Internship compensation not available in hourly terms P&G Proctor & Gamble BP $26.00/nr. $26.00/nr. Course Hero SOURCES: | Learn. Share. Teach. Achieve.

Summer Job Search

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Recent grads are no doubt struggling to find work in this challenging job market, but what about high school and college students looking for summer jobs? Are employers hiring and what jobs should stu...


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