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Summary of Stephen Covey bestseller "7 habits"

Stephen R. Covey OVER 15 MILLION SOLD 7НABITS THE /HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE Powerful Lessons in Personal Change OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE "A oederfl book theeleungy ur -TiPims le yaele fha line Stephen R. Covey 7 Sharpen the saw Be proactive! Begin with the end in mind Factors outside of Personal mission Social/emotional renewal Things you can influence your control Self awareness Imagination Previous Conscience • Weather • Politics • Economics • Public transport • Other people's weaknesses • Force majeur situations Mental renewal • Mood • Personal health • Habits • Choice of work • Personal income • Work/life balance experience Spiritual renewal Circle of Physical renewal Goal influence Accept things as they are and learn to live with them START WITH THEN GO TO Focus on and expand your sphere of influence mental creation physical creation Circle of concern Draw up your personal mission statement: Maintain a balance Area of concern Circle of influence Area of concern Physical factors What do you want to be like? Free choice Consequences Social factors Annoyances Reaction CHARACTER Lessons PC + Psychological factors What do you Values Conscience want to do? CONTRIBUTIONS Self-awareness Free will Circle of influence Imagination AND ACHIEVEMENTS Your principles and values Desired result FOUNDATION FOR YOUR ACTIONS Resources and means 6 Synergize 3 Put first things first 1+1= >2 In relationships the whole is more than the sum of its parts Do right now. Make time. Requirements for cooperators Conditions Urgent. Try to keep this box empty Useful and valuable work for synergy • Difficult tasks • Absence of competition • Mutual pursuit of win/win • Empathetic communication • Recognise the limits of your own understanding and insufficiency of your experience • Perfect your strong points and compensate for your Dull tasks. Turn down. Delegate. Pointless timewasting weak ones Find someone, for whom it matters • Respect and value differences URGENT NOT URGENT Seek first to understand, 5 then to be understood 4 Think win/win Weekly planning in 2nd quadrant Roles Goals Plans Answer Be understood win/win Listen Responsiveness and compromise Understand Answer Be understood Trust win/lose! lose/win Put it in your schedule Become an empathetic listener You or Delegate Emotions Courage and Cooperation Information 4 steps to win/win FEELINGS 1. Put yourself in the other person's shoes 2. Identify the key issues and concerns (not positions) not positions at stake 3. Identify outcomes that would be fully mutually beneficial 4. Think up new options and possibilities to make these happen DEPENDENCE INDEPENDENCE INTERDEPENDENCE 3rd habit 4th habit 7th habit Maturity line 1st habit 6th habit 5th habit 2nd habit Smart Reading KEY IDEAS from the best business books IN 30 MINUTES Valuable ideas from the best books NOT IMPORTANT IMPORTANT

Summary of Stephen Covey bestseller "7 habits"

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Summary of Stephen Covey bestseller "7 habits of highly effective people". Available for download here — (printable A2).




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