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The Study Habits of Online Students

THE STUDY HABITS OF ONLINE STUDENTS Study, Study, Study 69 participants in the survey Online learners study in all sorts of places and ways. ALLIED Schools surveyed a number of its students to get a better idea of what this means. Number of These are the results. Thanks to all who participated! The Results: Never 32% #1. How often do you study away from your home? Once every 39% so often Half of 14% the time Most of 12% the time All of 3% the time #2. What is the single most important feature you look for in choosing your ideal studying environment? -Less distraction (40.6%) Comfort and warm toes Get away from the kids Food Easier to concentrate (23.2%) -Other (10.1%) -More productive (5.8%) Better coffee (4.3%) -Quieter (15.9%) 70% 6% 16% #3. Where do you like to study most? 3% Home Outside Other Early Evening Midday Morning Night #4. I study best: 41% 19% 21% 19% 54 #5. The perfect study environment includes 36 (select all that apply): 18 14 13 13 BLANKET Space Heater Other| Music Coffee Snacks Comfy Peace & quiet chair 33% Not employed Full-time #6. Many online learners 48% have substantial work obligations as well. What is your employment status? 19% Part-time #7. In how many 1% 8-10 online courses have you enrolled? 7% 11+ 16% 5-7 36% 39% 2-4 #8. How important is the ability to study anywhere? 37% 35% Unimportant Not that Neutral Important Very important important #9. If you could study anywhere, fictional or non-fictional, where would you choose? On a pontoon boat in the middle of a quiet lake In a log cabin overlooking a lake or woods Cone of silence The top tower of an old Scottish castle Mars IN A VERY TALL TREE ABOVE ALL THENOISE OF PEOPLE AND TRAFFIC On a secluded, tropical beach that I own HOGWARTS In a redwood forest, on a picnic bench Somewhere my kids are NOT AT HOme in MY OFFICE, CAT in my LAP, DOOR CLOSED In Glendale Heights where I grew up in the year 1976 Source: Results based on an Adobe FormsCentral survey titled "Oh, The Places You'll Study," which was created by ALLIED Marketing. ALLIED SCHO OLS Ailli

The Study Habits of Online Students

shared by AlliedNon on Jan 25
This infographic encapsulates the study habits of online learners. Based on a survey we put together.


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