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Study Abroad, Step 1: The Best Colleges, Programs, and States for Studying Abroad

STUDY ABROAD STEP 1: THE BEST STATES, SCHOOLS, AND PROGRAMS FOR GOING ABROAD Most students don't think about study abroad when choosing a college, but international opportunities differ greatly between universities. Before you decide where to study, find out which states, colleges, and programs are best for studying abroad. WHICH STATES HAVE THE MOST STUDENTS STUDYING ABROAD? MASSACHUSETTS 12,498 NEW YORK 23,130 NO OR So WY NE UT CO PENNSYLVANIA 16,792 KS AR CALIFORNIA 25,609 OHIO 10,362 TEXAS 11,103 States with More Than 10,000 Students Studying Abroad 1. California 25,609 23,130 2. New York 3. Pennsylvania 16,792 4. Massachusetts 12,498 5. Texas 11,103 10,362 6. Ohio NUMBER OF COLLEGE STUDENTS STUDYING ABROAD BY STATE < 1,000 1,000 - 4,999 5,000 - 9,999 > 10,000 Study abroad numbers by state are highly correlated with states' population and number of undergraduate students. Each of the six states with the most study abroad students are also in the top ten of total student population. Massachusetts is the biggest overachiever. The Bay State ranks 10th in student population and 4th in study abroad students. WHICH STATES HAVE THE HIGHEST PERCENTAGE OF STUDENTS STUDYING ABROAD? MASSACHUSETTS 3.13% VERMONT 4.69% MT OR 10 WI SD RHODE ISLAND 3.59% NE OH IN UT CA DELAWARE 3.43% TN OK AR WASHINGTON DC 5.71% MS AL GA States with More Than 3% of Students Studying Abroad 1. Washington DC 5.71% 2. Vermont 4.69% 3. Rhode Island 4. Delaware 3.59% 3.43% 5. Massachusetts 3.13% PERCENTAGE OF COLLEGE STUDENTS STUDYING ABROAD BY STATE < 1.00% 1.00 - 1.99% 2.00 - 2.99% >= 3.00% The states with the highest percentage of students studying abroad are mostly smal, northeastern states. Massachusetts overachieved in raw numbers because its students study abroad at the 5th highest rate. WHICH UNIVERSITIES HAVE THE MOST STUDENTS STUDYING ABROAD? Top Institutions Awarding Credit for Study Abroad, Ranked by Student Total NYU 3,799 S MICHIGAN STATE ttttt 2,577 A MINNESOTA ttttt 2,562 UCLA 11 2,451 TEXAS 2,350 E USC 2,340 U INDIANA 2,203 PENN 2,198 W WISCONSIN 2,159 W WASHINGTON 2,152 PENN-STATE 2,087 GEORGIA 2,079 FLORIDA 2,075 = 200 STUDENTS Aside from NYU, this list is dominated by very large, public universities. But small schools have great study abroad programs too. To find them, let's look at the schools that send the highest percentage of their students abroad. WHICH UNIVERSITIES HAVE THE HIGHEST PERCENTAGE OF STUDENTS STUDYING ABROAD? Institutions by Undergraduate Participation in Study Abroad: Top Doctorate-Granting Institutions. WF UNIVERSEGO PERPER INE SAN TOREROS WAVES 86.8% 75.9% SAN DIEGO PEPPERDINE WAKE FOREST A. AMERICAN 70.9% 71.7% 64.3% YESHIVA AMERICAN DENVER DARTMOUTH BIG GREEN 63.2% 59.9% YALE DARTMOUTH NOTRE DAME 53.4% 52.7% DUKE GEORGETOWN Surprisingly, this list has no overlap with the previous list of schools. NYU was the closest to making it with 45.5% of its students studying abroad. TOP STUDY ABROAD PROVIDERS BY STUDENT RATINGS Most universities work with study abroad providers to offer their students more options. Check to see if your school supports studying abroad with these highly-rated programs. The EDUCATION ABROAD Network Study AIFS Abroad AIFS 96% 99% GLOBALINKS LEARNING ABROAD ари 96% 95% TES isa ABROAD 95% 95% China USACO Study Abroad 94% 94% Central College Abroad CAPA INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION 92% 92% Ratings provided by Go Overseas. Give yourself the best chance to study abroad by applying to large universities that send thousands of students abroad or to smaller schools where a high percentage of students study abroad. When choosing a school, look at the details of its study abroad programs. Make sure that the school has a program in the country where you want to study. Once you're accepted into a study abroad program, you'll need to pay for it. Research scholarship opportunities as early as possible to make sure that you can afford the program of your dreams. Please share your study abroad experiences and plans with us. wehostels Book Hostels. Make Friends. All data from 2010/11. http://nces.ed.goviprograms/digest/d11/tables/dt11_224.asp ALISKEA YESHIVA

Study Abroad, Step 1: The Best Colleges, Programs, and States for Studying Abroad

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Where to go to school if you want to go abroad. Find out which states, universities, and programs are the best for studying abroad.


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