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Student's Cheating and Its Prevention

COLLEGE STUDENTS ON CHEATING Whether a student struggles with highly competitive peers or simply being unprepared, nearly all students believe cheating is necessary to get ahead. How are students cheating and what – if anything – can educators do to stop it? Take a look: STUDENTS ON CHEATING College students who cheat have a higher GPA (3.41) than non-cheaters (2.85), according to one study 75% 22% 90% 85% Of college students admit to cheating Engineering and business majors are most likely to cheat Cheat at least once during their undergraduate Don't believe that cheaters will be caught Say cheating is necessary to get ahead career HOW STUDENTS CHEAT While students find many ways to cheat, the most common ways are to collaborate with other students (copying from someone seated near you), or find a way to get an advance look at the questions and/or answers. Text someone in/outside class for answers Look up answers on their phones during bathroom breaks Use a cell phone to take a photo of the test for others Write notes on their hand Write notes on the inside label of water or soda bottles Pull out a cellphone during the test to check notes saved on it TNTCAnon Have another student take exam in their place Copy information from sources online Write notes on the inside brim of baseball caps and paste it into their research papers Save notes and formulas on graphing calculators HOW TEACHERS CAN PREVENT CHEATING Even if a teacher doesn't believe that there's cheating going on in his classroom, it's important for him to be aware of the many ways students can cheat so he can try to prevent it. In large classes, request photo IDs for test-takers Opt for essay exams over multiple choice Create different exams for Prohibit students from each term and multiple having anything on their desk during the test tests for each class EXITO Have a clear Walk around the Prohibit students from Use software that leaving the class during the test checks for plagiarism on writing assignments cheating policy with classroom during consequences exams Sources: | | | | | || NEED PAPER VHELP Information provided by:

Student's Cheating and Its Prevention

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The infographic tells about the cheating tricks student usually use during their exams and how teachers can prevent by following tips mentioned here.


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