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Student Loan Debt of Olympic Proportions

$TUDENT DEBT QO$ of COMPARING STUDENT DEBT OLYMPIC PROPORTIONS AND FIGURES FROM THE 2012 SUMMER OLYMPIC GAMES This year's Olympic games have generated quite an extensive bill. See how it stacks up against the cost of attending college in the U.S.A. The 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London have garnered international attention and gener- ated a lot of buzz- to the tune of 9.66 million tweets for the opening ceremonies alone. With a pro- duction of such a massive scale, comes a hefty price tag. That being said, the cost of the Olympic games pales in comparison to the colossal amount of student debt carried by Americans. Put it this way... USAIN BOT the world's fastest man, set a new olympic record for running the 100 O SECONDS (meter dash in an astonishing A (much ftanter than you could ever run) 27482.86 In these 9.63 seconds , the total amount of student loan debt in the US rose an incredible (much more money than you probcibly harve) Right TRilLion ĐOLARS 23,640 THIS SECOND 1 TRILLION the total amount of Thats enough money to outstanding student debt, pay for the, $52 million opening ceremony... in the U.S.A. is over times COST OF EDUCATION VALUE OF GOLD MEDAL and the approximate value of a London 2012 The average student loan debt for a 2012 VS $620.82 graduating senior is gold medal is a mere $25,000 (CHA CHING) At that rate.. A GRADUATE WITH AN AVERAGE AMOUNT OF STUDENT DEBT WOULD NEED TO GOLD MEDALS BE ABLE TO SELL JUST TO PAY BACK HIS OR HER LOANS that being the case... you should probably start working on that dead lift. "These statistics are all pretty amazing... I know what you must be thinking... but can't you compare something in a bar graph?" we thought gou'd never ask 1trillion » the total amount of student debt in the U.S. in dollars 37 million → the number of adults, in the U.S., currently carrying student debt. 25,000 - the average amount of debt held by an average borrower in dollars GOT STUDENT LOANS ? GET STUDENT LOAN HERO! Sign Up Today at STUDENTLOANHERO.COM loanhero f /studentioonhero The smartest way to repay student loans. studentloanhero design & illustration by Paul Amerson for StudentLoan COCOCOCO COCOCOCOC COCOCOC COCOCOC COCOCOCO COCOCOC COCOCOCO COCOCOCO COCOCOCO %24 %24

Student Loan Debt of Olympic Proportions

shared by StudentLoanHero on Aug 14
With Student Loan Debt now over $1 trillion dollars, how can we make sense of this number? Well, to get a better idea, we compared student loan debt in the United States to some costs associated with...


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