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The Stafford Act The Stafford Act is named after Vermont Senator Robert T Stafford. The Act is an upgradation of the 1974 disaster Relief Act, that allows the federal government to provide Technical, logistical, and financial aid to states that are stricken by disaster. Major Disaster Emergency Declaration The incident is monitored continuously by the DHS. For Potential Major Disaster the RRCC is fully or partially activated. Support aid and supplies are established along The RRCC coordinates with the states regional and field activities until a JFO is established. Based on the severity of the situation, the NRCC is called in to support the RRCC for the mission assignments and initial activations. with mobilization facilities. Liaison & Federal officers are deployed to the state of disaster. Individual Assistance • Under the individual Assistance Program there is FEMA assistance provided to individuals. • Mass care directly supports the affected people by providing basic needs like food , clothing and shelter. • Crisis counselling is offered to those affected. • Unemployment assistance is provided to people so they can quickly recover from financial disaster that they may have to undergo. Public Assistance • The federal government centralises the costs with the government , by paying 75% of the costs incurred. • For public health care the federal government promotes telehealthcare service so remote visits to the public by the doctors is possibles. • Federal licensing for medical professionals is waived so doctors can cross borders to provide care. Hazard Mitigation Assistance • Hazard Mitigation Assistance or Grant is a considerable size of the budget amount under disaster Relief FEMA. • The construction of mitigation projects is undertaken for construction and demolition of structures, reconstruction of bridges, and buildings, dry floodproofing, supplying generators, retrofitting, soil stabilization and much more projects that are undertaken on a long term and larger scale. Two ways the Stafford Act works. The Governor of the state The Federal Government nnn The state's governor will first respond to the emergency event and execute the state level's emergency plan. If the magnitude of the disaster is beyond the state's capacity, then the state government must provide a petition to The Presidential Declaration of the Stafford Act is an emergency disaster response wherein the state or states are threatened by a disaster beyond the capacity of occupation by the state government. The President can allocate the billions in the budget set aside for a national disaster relief. the Federal Government. Covid- 19 Under Stafford act The Stafford Act was invoked by President Trump in the Year 2020 due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The Pandemic had started to cause its effects in the US across all states. Wherein an Emergency Relief Plan on a national level was an inevitable decision. The Stafford Act was implemented nationwide and resources were made available on a across the nation. The sta Ford Act covers major asters such as na ural catastrophes floods, rains, forest fires, volcano, and even pandemics. It is a federal emergency assistance to the states to save and protect the lives of the people, domesticated animals, wild animals, public and private properties that are in threat due to the disaster. The government sets aside an amount in every budget to tackle such disasters. GETLEGAL .com VISIT Www.GETLEGAL.COM FOR MORE TIPS.


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A national-level law has to be mandated when the country gets affected by untimely disasters like floods, hurricanes, pandemics, terrorist attacks, to name a few. The Stafford Act is put in effect by ...



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