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Speeding Offences Advice Guide

bannerjones solicitors Speeding Offences Advice Guide Every year in England and Wales many motorists are caught speeding. Many of these speeding offences are minor and are dealt with by the issuing of a fixed penalty notice. There are however a number of cases that may result in more serious consequences. Ensure you stay within the speed limits on the road and on the right side of the law by reading our speeding offence advice guide. Speeding Offence Process There are two instances where you may be caught If you have been caught speeding by a speeding speeding; by a police officer or by a speeding camera. camera many of these offences are now prosecuted on the photographic evidence provided by the speed If you have been caught speeding by a police officer camera. The standard procedure is that the owner of the process is fairly straightforward. There is no need the vehicle caught speeding will receive a Notice of for you to serve a Notice of Intended Prosecution. Intended Prosecution through the post. The document For less serious offences where you may have been will usually state a specific time frame in which you travelling a few mph above the speed limit, you are must respond, this is crucial to the progress of the case. likely to be offered a speed awareness course or a fixed penalty notice. This will be issued to you by the If you believe that you were not the driver of the police officer at the time of the offence. Many drivers vehicle or that you were not travelling at the speed accept responsibility at this time without realising alleged you should speak with a motoring offence they have the opportunity to dispute the case solicitor who will be able to advise you on any subsequently if they wish. possible defence. If you were travelling in excess of 20mph above the speed limit this is classified as a more serious case and the procedure is different. It is most likely that a summons/court requisition is recommended, in which case you could be waiting anytime from 2-6 months before you are served with procedural documents. Speeding Fine Penalties If you are not offered a speed awareness course by a If you have received a speeding court summons due to police officer you will most likely be issued with a fixed penalty notice, this is a conditional offer your case being too serious for a fixed penalty notice, a conviction can result in 3-6 penalty points. You will proposed. This allows you to pay a fixed penalty of also receive a substantial fine, the maximum is £1,000 £60 along with your driving licence being endorsed except for motorway offences where the maximum fine is £2,500. If you have been driving significantly with 3 penalty points. With a fixed penalty notice you are not required to attend court meaning there above the limit an instant disqualification may be are no court fees or other associated costs. This recommended. punishment is the same regardless of your circumstances or those of the offence. In order to proceed you are required to accept the offer and comply with the terms imposed within 28 days, you should then deal with the case as instructed. Speed Enforcement The Association of Chief Police officers has issued a speed enforcement policy guide. This suggests that an enforcement will usually occur when a driver exceeds the speed limit by a particular margin. Normally this is 10 percent of the speed limit plus an additional 2 mph. It also sets out guidelines for when it is appropriate to issue a summons. Please note this is a guideline and a police office has discretion to act outside of these guidelines providing they act fairly and consistently. ACPO Charging Threshold Speed Limit Summons 20 mph 24 mph 35 mph 30 mph 35 mph 50 mph 40 mph 46 mph 66 mph 50 mph 57 mph 76 mph 60 mph 68 mph 86 mph 70 mph 79 mph 96 mph Why Choose Banner Jones? 96% 135 YEARS FIXED FEE PROMISE ***** Fixed fee, clear and We will 96% of our Variety of specialist lawyers Expert wherever you driving offence recommend Over 135 travel to clients would competitive conveyancing charges years of experience 5 Regional offices need us solicitors us to a friend Don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our expert driving offence solicitors for specialist advice: Phone: 0333 200 2300 Web: Join our Social Networks bannerjones You Tube 8+ solkitors

Speeding Offences Advice Guide

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Did you know that travelling more than 20mph above the speed limit is considered to be a more serious speeding offence. Get the facts from our handy speeding advice guide!


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