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Social Security Number Use in Schools

INTRO SSN USE IN SCHOOLS FACTS ON MILLIONS OF CHILDREN ENROLL IN K-12 SCHOOLS EACH YEAR. TO ASSIST IN THIS PROCESS, K-12 SCHOOLS MAY COLLECT AND USE SSNS FOR VARIOUS PURPOSES! DESPITE THE INCREASING THREAT OF IDENTITY THEFT, ONLY SEVEN STATES A REVIEW OF STATE LAWS AND SCHOOL POLICIES AND PRACTICES DISCLOSED THAT K-12 SCHOOLS REQUIRE THAT K-12 SCHOOLS OBTAIN STUDENT'S SSNS. COLLECTION AND USE OF Although these States require an SSN for enrollment, they also may provide alternative numbers for individuals who refuse to provide their SSN or who are not eligible tor an SSN SSNS IS WIDESPREAD. 32% OF STATES WAREHOUSE CHILDREN'S SCHOOLS IN AT LEAST 26 STATES SSNS, AND OVER 80% OF STATES COLLECT STUDENTS SSNS AT REGISTRATION, even though there is NO STATE LAW REQUIRING THEY DO SO FAILED TO HAVE DATA RETENTION POLICIES AND WERE LIKELY TO HOLD STUDENT INFORMATION INDEFINITELY THERE WERE I9,000 INCIDENTS OF IDENTITY THEFT INVOLVING JUVENILES. IN 2009 The average victim of identity theft is still in elementary school when the theft begins; there ALONE are children in elementary or middle school with thousands of dollars in debt. Some victims are reported as young as 5 months old. IN MARCH 2009, IN OCTOBER 2008, mora than 400 identification cards wore 8 individuals were indicted and arrested for breaking into about 50 public schools in Puerto Rico and stealing personal identification documents (including SSN cards) from as many as 12,000 students, teachers, and school racalled from a Maryland high schoal when officials realized that student SSNS had been printed on some of them, even though the school system assigned students distinct identification numbers. The school system also appears to use SSNs in student lunch codos. administrators. The documents were stolen for sale to illegal immigrants interested in using the identities of U.S. citizens." IN SEPTEMBER 2008, 15 boxes containing hundreds of students confidential records (including birth certificates and SSN cards) were dumped on the sidewalk in front of their former New York high school. IN NOVEMBER 2009. NEWS documents from a Texas school district's lunch program for 2003 to 2006 were left at a television news station with a note attached claiming the documents were found at a recycling center. Students' SSNS were visible on the documents WHAT YOU CAN DO IN DECEMOER 2008, a North Carolina school system accidentally sent out about 5.000 postcards with students' SSNS printed on the front. TO PROTECT YOUR KIDS WHEN THEY GO BACK TO SCHOOL Although na single Federal law regulates overall use and disclosure of SSNS by K-12 schools, the Privacy Act of 1974, Social Security Act, and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), CONTAIN PROVISIONS THAT GOVERN DISCLOSURE AND USE OF SSNS." When you are asked for your Social Security number, or your child's Social Security number, ask why they need it. IN A LOT OF CASES, THE REQUEST MIGHT NOT BE ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. ASK HOW IT WILL BE PROTECTED. MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD'S SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER IS LOCKED AWAY and always monitor for red flags of child ID theft. It's usually easier to resolve problems that are Caught quickly. An identity protection service like Identity Guard" can help you monitor, protect, and recover from certain suspicious activities. Find out how at Sources 2445.7,AA H. Office of the Inspector General SSA- July 2010 Audit Report * Federal Trade Commission IDENTITY GUARD.

Social Security Number Use in Schools

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Despite the increasing threat of child identity theft, an audit of Social Security Number (SSN) collection and use at K-12 schools found use of SSNs as the primary student identifier was widespread, e...


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